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Weird lines appear randomly show when turning in game or moving things around too much

Level 2

I have all the specs required for vr but I’m having low frame rate and weird lines appear when moving too fast or turning in game.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Chompanzo! We hate to hear you're experiencing display issues when you're trying to game! We are more than happy to help you get down to the bottom of this! We would like to request your Oculus logs to help us to determine what could be causing this issue. You won't be able to upload them through this support channel but you can definitely reach out to us via email or chat


To gather your Oculus logs:


  1. Open the Run window (Windows key + R).
  2. Enter and run: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe
    • The above link is the default directory. Bear in mind that if you installed the Oculus PC app to another drive you will need to update the command with the correct file path.
  3. Select the checkbox next to ‘Full logs’.
  4. Select "1 day" from the "Collect last" drop down list.
  5. Wait for the log collection to finish. This can take some time to complete.
  6. The program will automatically generate a zip file containing your logs, which will be saved to your desktop automatically.
  7. Attach the newly created zip file to your next support response.

We're looking forward to helping you out!