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Weird visual glitching with PCVR

Level 2

Bought a quest 2 on black Friday and it works GREAT stand alone, but PCVR is running a little weird. Im using Steam VR and in games, especially when levels first load in, theres a lot of what looks like jittering. Textures jump all over the place and makes it very disorienting. At first i thought it was because it was running on USB2, but i bought the Meta cable and im still having the same issues. Theres not really any stuttering after awhile but flight sim games are the worst. I.e. warthunder, DCS, squadrons... all drivers are up to date and so is windows. Not sure what it could be or if theres a fix but i figured i might as well ask on here to check.

PC specs:

Ryzen 5900x

Asus Prime x570-pro

RX 6800 XT

32Gb ddr4 3000MHz ram

And games are running off of an inland 2Tb NVME

Dual 1440p monitors.

Any advice or help is appreciated


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @IronOxideMan.Thank you for the information. Since the game is a Steam game, we are unable to help further as we only have resources and tools to troubleshoot our products and games. However, we are able to assist if this issue is persisting in our games as well.

Can you check the following for us?

  • If our games are having these issues on the standalone?
  • Does the Quest Link Cable work just fine with just our games?
  • Have you made sure if all drivers are up-to-date?

Hope this information was useful and hope to hear back from you soon!