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Well the future is bleak, ladies and gentlemen.

As of October 11th you WILL submit to your Facebook overlords or forever give up enjoying VR with the Oculus technology sans FB's ridiculously awful privacy overreaches.  

If I read all their legalese right, we will still be able to use current (keyword "current") Oculus technology without setting up an account but it is clear that you will need one to use future Oculus tech.  However, even at that, you must sign on to the new Oculus terms of service on that date which will allow major Facebook privacy intrusions even if you do not have an account.

Bye bye, Oculus.  It's been a good run, but I flat out refuse to submit to the heavy hand of Facebook.

What a damn bummer.

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Most have a facebook account and have been using it for years. Damage already done ?
More worried about Covid than a bloody facebook login.

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Bye yall.

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I'm Morgrum .......


RuneSR2 said:

RuneSR2 said:

RuneSR2 said:

Romer's Rule is what I'm doing... selling Oculus hardware and changing my VR to a better company.
I'm upset that I have recently bought a Rift-s and that it will be mandatory that in a few years I HAVE to give up my privacy to use the Rift-s.  I would NEVER have bought the Rift-s if I'd known that. 
Its the principle of the matter, almost criminal in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell I'm not.

You can use your Oculus account until January 1 2023 - in these times that's like 100 years into the future, lol 😉 In Jan 2023 RTX Series 40 may have arrived and few might be using Rift-S - or you'll long have been out of warranty and the hmd may no longer work, who knows. 

I'll worry about changing my Oculus account in 2023, and I'll enjoy my dear Rift CV1 for as long as possible. 

You do realize though, that you will still be forced to sign on to Facebook's anal probing next month right?  Go read the new terms.  I did and that's exactly what it says.  You don't have to have the FB account yet but you will be having all the rest of that "great"  FB stuff forced upon you which is where the rubber meets the road anyway.  

Oculus has been Facebook for many years. You've been sending your data to Facebook ever since you started using a Rift hmd.

So, obviously you haven't read the new TOS.  When you go read it come on back and have a discussion.

I certainly did - I got this message, and I'm fine with all of it - couldn't really care less:


You do realize there's more to it than the emailed notification, right?   And if you don't care then (shrug) whatever.  But don't say you don't care and then fall all over yourself to try and tell the world you don't care.

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Why do people care that they need too log in via Facebook? Even if it's a data issue, why care about your data being used? I just never understood why people wanna be so anonymous...

Ohhhh come on i'm i NOT supppsed to point out the irony of this reply, so unfair. lol
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