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What Wifi 6e routers currently works bug free with the Quest 3?


Hi! Just wanted to post here to get a seperate thread going. As of today there is a major bug in communication between Quest 3 and certain types of Router models. 

So let's get a list started on Wifi 6e routers that actually work. What Router do you have experience with being stable at 2400 Mbps in dedicated 6e mode?

Remember to post Router name and model and screen grabs/video from the Quest 3 showing the speed. (Turn on experimental wifi settings to do so.)

This is by no account a list that is for everyone. So far I found that some of the more expensive models between 350-700$/€ have been reported to work. So meta still has a major bug to fix. But if you can afford it, this might be is a way around the problem… 


The bug explained:

There is a bug with negotiation rates with certain router models. Essentially AX and AXE models but more might also be affected. I have been investigating this bug since launch and finally both Meta and TP-Link have confirmed that the Quest3s negotiation protokolls with the routers is very unstable. This problem is totally unrelated to VD or AirPlay functionality, but it's here you'll notice the problem.

As of right now the Mbps can flux from approximately 1080 to 1900 on 6G and ocasinaly dip down below 800. Making it stutter and glitch in latency.

On 5G it will flux between 1080 and 420 Mbps making it essentially unusable in wireless PC streaming.

Both Meta and TP-Link are currently investigating the problem.


Meta has stated that the problem will be fixed with a firmware build in the near future.

If your experiencing this bug and want to follow its progress you can follow this seperate thread:

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not any more



I warrantied my headset, and it largely fixed the problems as I suspected. I no longer have ping spikes while playing population one. I still need to test Airlink more though. It seems my Q3 had a bunk Wifi chip/radio. I suggest sending back your headset for a new one to resolve these issues....


They didn't seem to acknowledge my Wifi issues for the warranty, as I sent it back also because my lenses were scratched up from using microfiber cloths designed for cleaning lenses. I think Meta wants to pretend the problem doesn't exist, in hopes that the word doesn't get out, as it could potentially cause a flood of returns of Quest 3 units, and also take some much needed cash out of Zuckerberg's pocket (he needs it for snacks on his lunch break).


And that new Yacht. He needs that new Yacht. The one in the Metaverse isn't as good.

Dont use microfiber clothes on the lensss unles sits brand new with out an contamination in  the microfiber yes they are the ebst fo cleaning them whenthey are new but the wirst for scracthing them when there dirty or have contaminants i use a soft cloth keptin a glasses case they dont get any bits in them and easily cleaned and also smooth as silk use a specific glasses cloth ask in specssavers .

if he recomends you get a microfiber say to him what i said " yea i know but they scratch the leneses like mad after a while causthey get bunged up, dont put them in the washer with dirty clothes either they need to be washed on their own as bitsfom clothes get on them i washed a clth with it i had wiped some sawdust up with after shaking it off in the bin i washed it with my microfibres and then i can just use them as rags as they picked all the bits of sawdust up deep into its fibres while in the wash so they are good for lint and sawdust removal from clothes when used in washer lol

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There is a huge issue with access points not working with the 6ghz band (Wifi6e/Wifi7) with Quest 3 now. My EAP773 AP and U7 Pro both have issues showing the 6ghz band with the quest 3, it seems like my router only works if it's not bridged to anything. This is definitely a quest issue since my wifi6e devices work perfectly fine with my AP.

Regarding the asus rog rapture gt-ax6000 says its stable at 6GHz  160hz 2400. This is only a wifi 6 router and does not support 6GHz

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