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What Wifi 6e routers currently works bug free with the Quest 3?


Hi! Just wanted to post here to get a seperate thread going. As of today there is a major bug in communication between Quest 3 and certain types of Router models. 

So let's get a list started on Wifi 6e routers that actually work. What Router do you have experience with being stable at 2400 Mbps in dedicated 6e mode?

Remember to post Router name and model and screen grabs/video from the Quest 3 showing the speed. (Turn on experimental wifi settings to do so.)

This is by no account a list that is for everyone. So far I found that some of the more expensive models between 350-700$/€ have been reported to work. So meta still has a major bug to fix. But if you can afford it, this might be is a way around the problem… 


The bug explained:

There is a bug with negotiation rates with certain router models. Essentially AX and AXE models but more might also be affected. I have been investigating this bug since launch and finally both Meta and TP-Link have confirmed that the Quest3s negotiation protokolls with the routers is very unstable. This problem is totally unrelated to VD or AirPlay functionality, but it's here you'll notice the problem.

As of right now the Mbps can flux from approximately 1080 to 1900 on 6G and ocasinaly dip down below 800. Making it stutter and glitch in latency.

On 5G it will flux between 1080 and 420 Mbps making it essentially unusable in wireless PC streaming.

Both Meta and TP-Link are currently investigating the problem.


Meta has stated that the problem will be fixed with a firmware build in the near future.

If your experiencing this bug and want to follow its progress you can follow this seperate thread:


Accepted Solutions


UPDATE: The Wi-Fi stability bug was fixed with Build v.62. 


Hey everyone! Let's sum things up with a list of routers discussed in this thread. Keep in mind that these are personal recommendations, and success may vary based on your setup and location. It's advised to buy routers with return policies so you can test them yourself (purchase at your own risk).


  • ASUS GT-AX11000 PRO:

  • ASUS GT-AXE16000:

    • Amazon link
    • 6 GHz 160Hz – Small Fluctuations 2100-2400 Mbps. (But some have problems connecting to 6Ghz nett... maybe not related)
    • 5 GHz 160Hz – Stable at 2401 Mbps

  • Linksys Hydra Pro 6E Tri‑Band WiFi-6E-Mesh-Router:

  • ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000:

  • MSI Radix AXE6600:

    • Amazon link
    • Conflicting reports
    • 6 GHz 160Hz – Stable 2400 Mbps
    • Connection issues and Small Fluctuations 2100-2400 Mbps



  • Asus RT-AXE7800:

  • Xiaomi BE6500 Pro:

  • Puppis S1 - USB Bridge:

    • 5 GHz 160Hz 2401 Mbps stable but short range (No separate room play)
    • Some conflicting reports. This device is dependent on high speed UBS connections and some people have problems making it work. 
    • Amazon link
    • YouTube review

Feel free to share other working units or let us know if you've encountered any issues with the ones mentioned here in this thread!

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@Ruined mentions in the other thread that the 


Is working... Can you please share some screengrabs and more info on how you got it to work?


KobraKay87 on reddit has had success with Linksys Hydra Pro 6E Tri‑Band WiFi-6E-Mesh-Router 

His post and video on reddit:


First impressions after just upgrading to the 6Ghz router:

Maxed out all the settings in Virtual Desktop, absolutely no visual clue that the signal is being streamed via Wi-Fi. The only thing I notice, as someone who has exclusively played wired VR for the last 8 years, is the latency. I had hoped that the latency would be lower than with my 5Ghz router, but it's not really much of a difference. But I got used to it withing minutes.

The big upgrade is the visuals of course, with the 5Ghz router I could run the games at around half the bitrate with occasional hiccups. Now it's buttery smooth.

I'm using this router (Amazon Germany link, you should find it locally aswell):

Bandwith is now 3 times the amount of my 5Ghz router, which is a pretty big upgrade aswell. Wennt from 700 - 800 to 2400 - 2600.


Heroic Explorer

So here is an example of my average results with the
ASUS GT-AX11000 PRO ($319)

Note this is *not* a 6E router, but rather a high-end 6 router, and this works perfectly for Quest 3 at a price around $200 lower than a high end 6E router (like the GT-AXE16000). However, I am extremely pleased with the performance.  As you can see in this "Old Friend" video, on average latency end-to-end is 35-45ms, and is under 50ms 100% of the time, which is generally considered the benchmark.  While I don't have a 2nd video handy, playing HALF LIFE ALYX via SteamVR, I obtained even better results than with the "Old Friend" demo (which used Meta's PCVR protocol), with SteamVR's network latency being as low as 1ms at times, and rarely if ever exceeding 5ms.  At all times in both cases with "worst case scenario" movement, the link stays pegged at 2401mbps.

In the below video, I did a Quest 3 "torture test," which involved rapid squatting up and down (in beat with the music!), violent head shaking, and rapid arm movement, all at the same time as you can see from the video.  Despite this, which is a worse case scenario that exceeds what you do in real gameplay, I was unable to trip up the wifi in any significant way.

To achieve this, I used the tri-band GT-AX11000 PRO router, and manually set it so that Quest 3 had its own 5ghz radio & SSID (5ghz-2), set to 160mhz width starting with channel block 100, AX-only. This basically gives Quest the most bandwidth possible, and best chances of success, at the same link speed as 6E offers, but with the greater range of 5ghz; so I can also use Quest 3 in the room adjacent to the router through a wall without issue.  VD settings are as-pictured, which offer the highest possible quality currently available at 90hz. With this router, if you are not using a mesh you can also use Quest with 5ghz-1 starting at channel block 36 if it works better for your area (will depend on interference).  

Link (expires on 11/10/23):

I just sent my Asus TUF Ax6000 back which had random latency spikes and freezes and my Tenda AXE5700 router with 6ghz where the 6ghz band was not found and was fluctuating with the Mbps on the 6ghz (when it connected after 10 restarts and half an hour trying to connect) and on the 5Ghz band. 
Now I just bought this Linksys Router to test if I can connect to this 6ghz band without a problem and if the connection is stable. If not there must be a ton of defective Wifi modules in the quests, because otherwise I can’t explain this phenomenon. I will write back when I tested the Linksys Router with my quest and if I can get the same performance as shown in the video. See ya! 

Ps: There was another user in the other thread who bought the same router as @Ruined . Maybe he can also report back if the router works flawless with his quest.

Yes, i bought the ASUS GT-AX11000 PRO, it will come tomorrow or the day after and i think i can test the router within the next three days.

Hope you have cleared off a large space on your desk 😉


I'm using this zyxel access point and it works great for my quest 3.


I stream virtual desktop 200mbit solid and the virtual desktop status screen shows 2401 for the speed.  I only connect the quest 3 to this device and and within 20 feet from the access point.  I wasn't even aware of the bug.

I just bought the same router (Linksys Hydra) - It will arrive today and I will share my experience here aswell.
Atm I´m using the ASUS RT-AXE7800, which is working "okay", but the connection is not stable at 2401 MBps (goes down sometimes to 14xx).

Great ! Mine will also arrive today and then we can compare the results and maybe see what the problem could be! 

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