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What data is Oculus Quest 2 Headset sending to Meta Server?

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I have a huge problem getting in contact with support related to what kind of data that the headset send to Meta?
Why would I want to know that?
Since having a headset for business - I need to make sure that no information regarding what I have in the same room or streamed to the headset can be download by Meta.
According to policy, Meta will for instance record the surrounding and send data to Meta Server.

Meta Support points me to - but this has been shutdown since Dec 2021. So can't get help there. Via Metas security Policy in Facebook it directs me to the regular Support - who directs me to the .
It goes round and round.

Does anyone know how to get help in this subject?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @Aeilim. We understand how important your data is to you and recognize how critical this is for you. Here is a link, so for more information on this, feel free to look at it and gather any details needed.

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Thank you very much for answering my post.
Problems with policies however, is that they are not really clear...
For instance:

  • Environmental information and dimensions: We collect information about your physical environment and dimensions when you use a MPT Product. For example, when you set up the Meta Quest Guardian system to alert you when you approach a boundary, we receive information about the play area that you have defined. Learn more.

    The "Learn more" link in the text takes me to a site where they explain what the safety guardian is and what it does - not what it can collect.
    I guess for instance that when connecting to my PC via airlink, I will use a MPT Product which then gives Meta right to look at my surroundings since using a product of theirs.

    Another bullet has the same result in my oppinion:

  • Camera and audio information: When cameras and microphones are on in MPT Products, we collect:
    • Camera information, including photo and video.

This means that if I use any MPT Product, and takes a screenshot of a future product of ours. Meta has rights according to their policy to save that picture.

Maybe I am interpretating the MPT Product wrong?
Is Airlink a MPT product?
I would love to get some clear answer on if I stream data from a PC I own, to the Meta Quest 2 Headset I own - Meta/Facebook will never, in person or computer, look at what I see. (ofc I guess I am not being clear enough here).

I'll read some more...

Hey there, Aeilim. Thanks for those details, and we understand how information can be overlooked, so let us help break it down for you to understand this a little better. So when you click the link here, you will go to the Supplemental Meta Platforms Technologies Privacy Policy front page, and if you go down and read #1, it will say, "What information do we collect?" which will show you and tell you what information we collect. Also, when you're on the Supplemental Meta Platforms Technologies Privacy Policy front page, you can click the Oculus Privacy Policy here at the top of the page, and when that page pops up, #1 will explain to you: What kind of information do we collect?

Please let us know if this helped! We love our VR family and privacy is very important to us!

Hey there, Aeilim, We're just checking in to see if you found the information you were looking for in the links we provided and if you still needed help with this information and details on what Meta servers collect.

I feel that was a strange reply on my post - telling me like I am 2 years old on how to click a link and where it takes me.

My question were simple enough: What data are meta logging.
Under #1 in the policy,  the policy states:
"Environmental information and dimensions: We collect information about your physical environment and dimensions when you use a MPT Product"

I interpretate this as Meta are logging information on my physical environment.

Since the community can't tell me otherwise, this is what Meta does.

I need help yes, but I interpretate it as this Community can't help me.
I don't know where to find the information, but I guess we need to work in different ways with the headset. When showing secret information we go offline and when not we can be online.

I would like to know how to contact someone because I received a power supply used for a different country.  I'm in the USA.  How can I get this issue resolved?

Hey, @Technoknit. We understand that you are wanting to contact support for a power supply that was meant for a different country. That's not what we want for our customers, and we'd love to see what we can do to get you back into gaming. Please click here to contact our amazing support team. They can help you with your power supply through live chat, email, or a callback option. We are always happy to help!