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Whats wrong with my right controller trigger?

Level 2


This morning I noticed an issue where I cant seem to properly use trigger to click in beat saber, it works fine outside of beat saber. Picture above is me clicking trigger with both hands. The left hand index finger seems to be touching with the thumb however that was not the case with the right hand. Is there a way to fix or recalibrate this?


Level 2

This is happened to me too! Works everywhere else, but in beat saber the trigger on the right controller won’t click. 

Hey there! We know trigger issues aren't any fun, so we'd love to lend a hand. 


In order to gain a bit more insight, can you please answer the following:


  1. When was this first noticed?
  2. Does the issue strictly happen with Beat Saber, or other games also?
  3. Have you tried any troubleshooting already by chance? (Just to not repeat anything)

We look forward to your update!

Hey again! Just checking to see if you were still needing some help with your trigger issues. 


If so, don't hesitate to reach back out anytime!