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When controllers go idle, they often appear directly in front of my face

I spend a lot of time in various VR apps using primarily the mouse and keyboard of my PC (e.g. Immersed, Virtual Desktop, etc.)


Because the Quest 2 controllers are therefore on the desk and not moving, they go idle frequently. When they do... they instantaneously move in the virtual world to stationed directly in front of my face. Second only to the historical behaviour of flying off diagonally to who-knows-where, this is about as annoying as it could possibly be as it occludes my vision while typing, or even causes some interaction (like positioning of a mouse cursor on my virtual PC screen) that I have to pause and fix by looking through the nose space, finding and wiggling my controllers. Thus all focus I had on the work at hand is instantly broken.


Through conversations on Reddit etc. I know others get this behaviour, but it seems (at least as far as I can tell by searching) nobody has raised it here. I know some others get no such behaviour (when their controllers go idle it seems they just stay wherever they last were, and don't 'relocate'). Indeed, I sometimes only get one controller appear in front of my face, where the other remains in the position I left it on my desk. Clearly some programming somewhere isn't handling idle controllers consistently.


Is there a fix for this, or can there be one built into a future update? If not, could we get a feature to define the behaviour of the controllers when they go idle? Pointing down and by my sides would be so much better.


Having this same issue recently and it's extremely annoying... best fix I have found is to disable the controller graphic in some apps that let you but sometimes you see the pointer still etc. If there are any more updates let me know please. 

Sadly, no updates from me.

I find it especially annoying now, as I rely on the Virtual Desktop passthrough colour feature - I made a custom app for OVR Toolkit that displays a block colour window meaning I get to use passthrough overlays while working in VRChat.

VRChat disconnects the controllers from your avatar hands now, when they're idle, which is great as it means my hands don't fly in front of my face, but one of my most convenient passthrough windows is 'attached' to my left controller in OVR Toolkit and that it appears in front of my face in the middle of work frequently - albeit it an angle that means it doesn't take up much of my view except when I shift from left to right in my chair 🤷‍:male_sign:

I guess it's still something we'd need to rely on Guy Godin and the crew at Virtual Desktop to handle.

Hey there @DanInVirtualReality! We greatly appreciate receiving suggestions from our community! Although we cannot make any promises, numerous ideas shared in the Ideas Forums have been incorporated into our updates after gaining significant support. Please don't hesitate to share any ideas you may have over there.

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Hi, is there any fix to the floating controller ?

We've had this problem for years now and we don't know what to do anymore..
So much so that we call it the ghost controller and it's hunting us ! 

We use many Quest 2 headsets and are developing a VR App. Some apps only require one controller.
Sadly the 2nd one appears all the time and right in the middle of the face !

Getting rid of the battery for the left controller use to work but it's not the case anymore.
Even utilizing the on/off button to go in and out of the standby mode use to work. 

Now, the only solution is to touch the controller for it to be detected again and put it aside.
However, the floating controller will come back after a little while... 

We tried factory reset many times. Or resetting and pairing the controller with the headset again.

Hey there @DaH_Galaad! We understand how having your controllers pop up at random can interrupt those fun games and apps. We would like to provide you with some information regarding this issue, so that you can get back to having a great experience in the wonderful world of VR! With that being said, the controllers repositioning to a default location is a normal function of the controllers. We see how this may become an issue for some users,  and we recommend taking this suggestion to adjust this setting to the Ideas Forum. This way, we can hear your feedback, and this issue can possibly get enough eyes and be changed in the future. We appreciate you for being a Quest user, and we can't wait to hear about all the fun adventures! 

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Thanks - done. I've submitted an idea suggestion at - I would suggest all those in this thread who support it go upvote it 👍

Thank you for submitting your idea to us in the forum. We really appreciate it and we hope you can continue enjoying your experience! If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us! 

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

I hadn't spent much time working on mouse and keybaord in VR recently, until today, and was pleased to find that my controllers went idle while working and did not fly in front of my face 😄

The controller 'laser pointers' I could see on my OVR Desktop overlays remained where they were when the controllers were originally placed on the desk, but VRChat's own timeout on idle controllers dropped my hands to my side where they remained. I noticed after some time of working that the controllers had indeed gone idle, but hadn't moved in front of my face! Not sure if this is a Virtual Desktop fix or a Meta one, but regardless the issue seems to have gone...

Given that my right controller ran out of battery during this time, I hesitate to call it solved for now. So I will test agin with fresh ones this afternoon and we'll see! 🤞

Well, I worked with mouse and keybaord only for ages and then confirmed the controllers had gone properly idle and never did fly in front of my face 👍

However, I also confirmed they wouldn't wake up at all within Virtual Desktop - I wiggled them and pressed buttons with no effect 😆


On trying the Oculus button, I can see they were fine with e.g. bringing up the Quest menu, but VD wouldn't re-acknowledge the controllers until I cycled the Quest display (e.g. a few presses of the power switch on the headset to turn the display off and on again) not sure if this is a side effect of VD or Meta having implemented something to not letting the controllers fly around after going idle 🤷‍:female_sign:

I'll continue to test just in case the behaviour is yet again changed after reboots of PC and Quest 🤣


FYI I could find no mention of anything relevant to do with controllers specifically in Virtual Desktop release notes (you have to check the github to see the historical release notes, only the latest shows in the announcements section of their Discord sever) so who knows what side made this change 🤷‍:female_sign:

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