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When will meta update the oculus app to support the AMD 7000 series GPU's?

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This is ridiculous. These cards have been out for almost 1 year. Every single 7000 series card can more than handle PCVR. Why is it that Meta has not optimized oculus feature to work with the 7000 series? I am sorry that I could not afford a high end 40 series NVIDEA card. I also could not justify spending that much on a card when AMD's line up is a way better value. More people have switched to AMD this generation simply because NVIDEA wont budge on their pricing. I recently got the 7900XT assuming it would work well with my quest 2 but apparently the oculus app just doesn't work well with this generation of AMD cards. Its alienating many of their users, and I was considering getting a quest 3, but now im not even able to play my quest 2 any more because of this absolute buffoonery.



to be fair 2 minutes of research would have led you to the conclusion that AMD is a big no no for vr since the dk2 days...

nvidia just has better encoders, which matter so much more these days.

your only option for awesome with the AMD 7000 is virtual desktop av1...even then its not perfect. but will do with time.



Download virtual desktop and virtual desktop. Streamer, you'll have much better luck with the 7900s otherwise it doesn't work good.  This is my personal experience only

Nah AMD supports all the encoders needed for VR dude. AMD released their VR drivers months ago for the 7000 series. In fact air link works flawlessly with 7900xt, but the only issue is that the right eye peripheral vision has a picture warping/stretching glitch that is really annoying. Every other amd series is supported. The only reason I can imagine that they have not improved compatibility with the new amd cards is that they are giving preferential treatment to NVIDEA. Also if a third party app like virtual desktop can make it work, there is no reason why a mutli-billion corporation can't make it work with first party software.