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Where did my games go I purchased for my rift s

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I am an oculus rift s user and bought games. I haven't used it in a couple months and when I tried to use it today, it made me setup a meta profile... I did that and now all my games are gone!!! I paid money for those!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Anonymous Missing apps after merging over seems to be a common theme, but no worries! 


It also appears that some people made an entirely new account instead of merging over with their existing account. Maybe this could be the case for you? 


There is a page on how exactly to go about creating that Meta account. You can find those steps right HERE.


It goes into more detail on what to do if you previously logged in with Facebook, or if you also didn't have Facebook but logged in with just an Oculus account. 


I hope this helps out! 🙂