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Where do I find the avatar mirror in my Meta Home?

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I have the v47 software and can find no way to enable the mirror in my home. I'm using a meta home - cascadia, and editing my avatar only shows the static avatar. Anyone know where this option is? I see the screenshot of it on all the news sites and mentiono of it in the release notes, but it's nowhere to be found for me. I feel like when I'm editing my avatar in my home, it should just be visible, but maybe some option I have off disabled it? For now, the only way I can find to see my avatar is by starting up workspaces.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

New features in an update will sometimes gradually rollout to users, so it's likely you haven't gotten that feature yet. It's coming though, so check your headset every now and again to see if the new feature has reached you. Hope this helps!

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Don't worry, like the hideous arms, the mirror should be planted in the middle of your new cascadia home, opstructing the otherwise beautiful view when it arrives. 

How does this work? I tried setting my system date forward using the Android settings menu to see if I could force it to appear but it didn’t. Does anybody know how this rollout works, or how I can force it to appear for me sooner? Is all the code for that feature already installed on my headset, just waiting to be enabled somehow? Is there a hidden setting I could manually toggle using some adb command? I don’t want to wait, and if I already have the update installed on my headset which I own, I shouldn’t have to.


For updates, there is not a way to manually force the update to be pushed to you directly and setting a calendar date forward will not affect the update being pushed to you. As @RoastPork  has stated, some updates are on a gradual rollout, so they get pushed to users over time. Please continue checking your headset for updates for when that feature becomes available to you. 

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What I'm asking is, how does this work on a technical level? If the firmware update is already installed, then the code for that feature is already present on my headset; is it not? I assume there's some flag somewhere that gets set when it's pushed out, which is what it checks to determine whether or not the mirror appears. If so, where is this flag stored? Perhaps I can find a workaround you are unaware of.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

It seems only certain environments got the mirror.

In the standard Quest 2 ones, only Desert Terrace, Space Station and Winter Lodge have the mirror for me, the rest don't.

Cascadia is a Quest Pro only environment (well, it works on Quest 2 apparently if you use unofficial means to get it), so I can't test.

So maybe more environments will be updated to have the mirror.

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Is there a way to get rid of it or turn it off. It just showed up with my new update. I have no particular reason to be in the homespace any longer than it takes to click on the app I'm launching but even so, that mirror thing is just as creepy as the new disembodied arms, and equally useless.

Hey @Rattley! We definitely understand wanting to change up your Meta Horizon home environment, we want it to feel as comfortable as possible for our VR family! We recommend posting this suggestion to our ideas forum, so our team can see what features and services our users would like to implement and change. We appreciate your feedback!

See, this is a big problem I'm seeing with Meta. It seems not to have occurred to them that users might have individual preferences for whether or not they want the mirror there. And yet, at the same time, they clearly did go to the trouble of adding a mechanism for controlling whether or not it appears...controlled on their end. Seriously, wtf is wrong with them? If I was coding something like that (which, come to think of it, I am) then the only reason I'd even think to add such a mechanism would be to allow the user to enable or disable it. The idea of giving myself control over whether or not it appears likely wouldn't even occur to me, simply because accommodating the end user's preferences is common sense, as is the fact that it would be wrong to deliberately take that control away from them. It's the end user's experience, and most likely the end user's headset that they paid for, so that control obviously belongs with the end user.

At least in this case, you could switch to an environment that doesn't have the mirror. And if you want your previous environment, just without the mirror, I'm sure it would be possible to implement that as a custom home.