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Where is the 5 digit code (setup)?

Level 2
I’m trying to set up my Quest, and the iPhone app says to enter the 5 digit code displayed-but there is no code. How do I find this code?

that link doesnt work and i am having the same problem. escalated to customer support days ago and no one has helped

Level 2

I found the code: put on your headset, go to settings, scroll down, click on ' about', scroll down as far as you can, and you'll find the pairing code. 


Thank you!!!! 

It doesn’t if adding 2nd account, though. Thankfully, a community user shared the steps to obtain code without having it auto displayed. See above. The discernment between initially setting up vs second account is important in this case as we all we having issues, Oculus support… 

Yeeey, you are so right, it was a "hidden digit", kind of like hide and seek, lol

Thank you very much!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 2

Oplossing Nederlands:

Waar staat de koppelcode om mijn oculus te pairen met de app om mee te kijken met iemand die speelt?


Ga naar settings / instellingen (linksonder bij batterij en wifi)

dan rechtsboven naar het 'radar icoon' : uitgebreide instellingen.

bij "Systeem" scroll naar beneden naar "Info"

daar zie je in het menu rechts jouw "koppelcode"

voer die in in de app.

Level 2

I’m trying to know how to get the digit code