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White horizontal stripe across screen while using link

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Headset seems to work fine stand-alone.  I use the headset with IRacing, and often (not always) get a translucent horizontal stripe across the screen after about 15 minutes or so.  It doesn't feel like the headset is overheating.  This doesn't show up on the screen mirror on PC, or if I "mirror" with the debug tool.  Is this likely a failing display or is there somewhere else I should look?
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Honestly? Everything you've done, as well as more. I usually stick to 90 refresh rate, and stay away from 120.

Like another comment mentioned, at first they thought it was the graphically intense games, but it's really a matter of 5 minutes or so. I had it happen on the steam version of Virtual Desktop.


Maybe there is a common dominator between all of us that have this issue which we can figure out.


I did not have the issue with white or whatever stripes or coloring on the lower portion of the view until after I began using Oculus Debug Tool, to attempt to improve the terrible performance.


Has everyone here with the white stripes issue installed the Oculus Debug Tool? Could it be a source of the problem? 

I have tried also everything and I too thought its with the more graphic intense games. Its hopeless. Even more hopeless then the Oculus support which now telling its a Win 11 issue and next year it should be fixed. wt

I actually believe Meta (no more Oculus) in this case.

It will be fixed, next year, with the release of a new Meta VR headset dedicated for PCVR. PCVR. 


If may have been more than half a decade since the first headset, but we are still paying to be alpha testers.

For the price, it was almost worth it.


The amount I've had to spend on different types of facial masks, to find something comfortable without a recall, and head straps alone, the official elite strap broke the plastic loop for it at the top of the headset, made the price of the Quest 2 less competitive. 


PCVR even less so. 



Hi Ghost75757

I use a 3080ti as well and these are the settings i most commonly use, i can run all my games at satisfactory settings (AKA optimized high) at 90FPS...including simracing like automobilista 2 and iRacing...the number i circled in red, this is 400 or above only when using CABLE link...if you do it over airlink it'll depend on your router but i personally put 165 there and have no issues:


(the second image i grabbed from google cause my headset isn't plugged in right now and im too lazy to pair it 🙂



I always run at 90hz personally i feel the smootness over 80hz...but 120hz is TOO MUCH for the cable you have to lower image quality AND many games/experiences will simply not want to run a 120hz for various reason, including but not limited to CPU limitations (performance, game optimisation) so i stay away the only game i play at 120hz is 11 table tennis because in this one it does make a difference on the smootness of the ball too...anyways 🙂 good LUCK!


BTW for the other guys, my quest 2 doesnt have this issue anymore, it's done it a couple times before but i had it replaced (for another reason not this) and it's never done it specs WINDOWS 10, 8700K, 3080ti




thank you for sharing. as we have the same GPU I follow your settings and see how they work for me. Just to be sure, you running on the PC Oculus software the Render Resolution at 1.3x ? 4844x2448?  Automatic / Recommended is 1.0x at 3712x1872.. ?  yes I only play with official cable and the white line is so **bleep** random that its impossible to point whats causing it. thanks again

Yes absolutely you have the gpu horsepower to crank up the resolution and for example when I play onward I put the maximum proposed resolution in the app I can't remember from the top of my head but its in the 5000 resolutions....the higher you go the cleaner it'll get up to about that max just demand more and more from the gpu but if the content you are playing isn't too demanding and can be run on max resolution id recommend you do so...personally I play a lot of dirt rally, project cars, automobilista etc. And for those I prefer 1.3x otherwise I have to go down to medium/low settings to keep the framerate and its just not worth it...experiment with it, monitor your performance with MSI afterburner or similar...but if you use 1.3 you'll be fine for most stuff...BUT for me rhe STEAM VR only stuff always run worse...when I can launch in Oculus mode it runs much better.


EDIT also GUYS after playing it a couple weeks i can say I found THE killer app for VR its called MX bikes its a motocross simulator the controls are touchy at first but you get used to it and its AWESOME very realistic and you can download user created tracks and mods etc. Its amazing in vr. its PC only on steam but I suggested the developer to have it approved by oculus so we can develop a quest 2 version of the game with the best tracks and bike set.

great - thanks for the tip! def giving it a go now. This comment : BUT for me rhe STEAM VR only stuff always run worse...when I can launch in Oculus mode it runs much better. = I run mostly Steam Games  via Link-Cable and Virtual Desktop with Reshade or Vorpx so that resolution should be fine yeah? How do you launch games in Oculus mode? or you just mean the racings games have this option?

Sound like it's time to buy a new one

When you launch your games from steam they will sometimes ask you if you prefer it to launch in Steam VR mode or Oculus VR mode...thats what I meant...

can I ask one more question: What tool/ program do you use to monitor FPS in games? so Quest 2 connected to PC with cable and I am playing mostly with Virtual Desktop , Steam Games or Epic Games. thank again!