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White horizontal stripe across screen while using link

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Headset seems to work fine stand-alone.  I use the headset with IRacing, and often (not always) get a translucent horizontal stripe across the screen after about 15 minutes or so.  It doesn't feel like the headset is overheating.  This doesn't show up on the screen mirror on PC, or if I "mirror" with the debug tool.  Is this likely a failing display or is there somewhere else I should look?

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Still no fix, just outrageous. I bought the Quest 2 for PCVR, it was working like a charm until they screwed everything up. Now I can't use my product.


Incredible enough, this issue has disappeared on my system, after years and useless attempts. I don't exactly know what change made the hated white/purple stripe go away, so I will try to list every recent change on my system.

- upgraded chipset to Z690

- upgraded CPU to i7 12700KF

- updated both headset and PC application to V42

Since updating to V42 I was getting random micro stutters despite 20-25% performance headroom.

I was able to get rid of the stutters by closing every GPU and CPU overclock/monitoring software. e.g. MSI afterburner, Gainward ExperTool, GPUZ etc.

As soon as any of these softwares is running, the stuttering is back. The problem doesn't seem to be related to any overclock setting, so you can apply the overclock and then close the program. I suspect this too has had an effect on the encoding stripe issue.

Yesterday I casually re-installed Dirt 2.0, and to my utmost surprise I could race for hours without the stripe appearing. I crashed many times looking at the virtual steering wheel and pedals with the corner or my eyes, sure that sooner or later I would get the stripe. But I didn't.

MSI Z690 A DDR4 - i7 12700KF - Gainward RTX 3080 Phantom GS - 32GB DDR4 3600MHz

Honored Guest

Well I have recently purchased Quest 2 specifically for usage with PCVR with cable.

Had no issues except for right stick coasting until today, horizontal lines started showing, looked like gradient.


I see this issue is happening for a long time, can't believe it's being overlooked.

Okay, might have fixed it. This morning tried Pavlov VR for like 45 mins.

Lines are gone, will see if it will persist.

What I did:

- Update Nvidia drivers

- Update Windows

- Restart Quest 2

- Check for updates on Oculus software (both PC and Quest, all were up to date already)


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I have the same issue but it's only happened with my Gainward RTX 3080 Phoenix 10gb.

When I test with MSI 3060ti everything works fine and never see white horizontal stripe again.


Sooo...after months, I got the white bar back in VRchat yesterday.

It appeared after I took off the headset for a few seconds to drink (it auto activated the sensor that looks if you have the headset on). After I went back ,the white bar was there for 20 seconds and then...poof, gone. I couldn't reproduce the issue.


I did a few things in the last days like changing the resolution in steam vr from 120% to 110%, some nvidia settings, updated grafics driver and installed FPSVR.

I'll revert all the changes and see if it happens again.

It honestly sucks, but thos somewhat gives me hope in ny theory that it is some effed up software/resolution/compression issue.

I believe I found the solution to this, I would like if some affected users could try this.


Try this:

Completely stop and disable TrayTool from starting if you have it set up

Open up your Debug tool

under "Encode resolution width" set to !!! EMPTY (not 0 or zero), press enter

Close Debug Tool

Start Debug tool again, the field should now show 0 instead - expected

Try launching your game and play - do not change anything and do not launch traytools


This worked for me, please try and respond here if this worked for you!



Unfortunately, this did not fix the issue for me, but thanks for sharing your fix.  Hopefully it at least fixes it for some.

Yes, this seems to work, I completely ditched the Oculus Tray Tool as I was using that.  I then only used the Debug Tool which is not as stable.... but when i reset it with a 250 Bitrate, firstly the quality was there but no white line.... I think the white line came back once, I simply went out of VR, (reset the ODT) back in which was a pain and then carried on without any glitch, and it was clearer for some strange reason.  I wish they could just fix it.  I dont play MSFS with ASW on, if so I get alot of warping.


Amazing that after almost 2 years and nearly 80 pages of posts this problem is still not fixed, specially when it´s clearly a software issue.

I tried the Zheiko solution but didn't work for me. Really tired of spending hours trying this and that instead of playing. I was really excited whith the Quest 2 but finally I had to turn back to the CV1 waiting for some real and stable solution. 


RTX 3070 + i7 7700 


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