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Why Games in the quest store which have Single Player mode(aside from Multiplayer) need internet?

I don't understand. i bought 1 or 2 i thought they just meant for the multiplayer part but when i looked in my quest2 and my library and had my wifi OFF....the games were dimmed color meaninig not accessible. What is reasoning for this? Does it mean these types of games , their content is all in the internet so they rely on the internet?


For example Range day VR. I got that one but then realized i couldn't play it because i use my quest with WIFI off since i have very slow internet connection..And then some few others i forgot which ones but yeah they say they have single player mode but then i realize on the side it said "Internet required". But i dont understand why internet is required for single player mode.


Another one is the Pavlov Shack free game. Says it's Single player and also multiplayer..then you look at the side and it says Internt required


DRM probably