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Why can't I connect my oculus headset to the wifi

Level 2

So I've been trying to connect to my wifi for about 3 weeks and it just says connected no internet. I just want to know if anyone else has the same problem?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Olizie! We see you're having an internet connection issue which isn't fun, but let's see what's up with it and see where we can go from there. So we can look further into your issue, can you review this article and let us know if there is any changes with the issue. Also have you tried connecting over a different internet connection or hotspot? If no changes occurred, please reach back out on here and let us know.

Level 3

So I have had this issue too for the past few weeks and yesterday I finally found time and a solution to the problem. 


The issue with my Quest 2 was the same. connected, no internet. 


The solution for me was to connect to the wifi network with my phone. and enter the router settings as a admin. 

next I had to go into the wifi settings and make "A extra wifi network" and this network has to be 2.4GhZ.


not 5 GhZ, as that is the thing that seems to be causing the problem. 


I gave the new network the same name but added 2.4GhZ to the name and its own password.

Connected my occulus to this new network and it worked fine again. updates. store. browser. netflix. everything works again. 


Hope it works for you too.



Hey @olizie, we haven't heard from you in awhile. Were any of the troubleshooting protocols outlined in this article of any use towards you when trying to resolve your issue? Feel free to hit us up at anytime and we'd be glad to continue assisting you. Cheers!

It's okay I'm gonna send it backs so I can get a new one. Good that we have warranty

Level 3

if you havent had a change in internetprovider or router I doubt that is going to fix it. but let me know if it does work .