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Why has Oculus Home been "sidelined"?

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Honestly, two years ago, i was really enjoying Oculus home because it was still (somewhat) expanding and, with the incursion of the Quest 2, it seemingly just got forgotten or made a side-note and most people i speak to "hate" it because it's considered "boring and limited" and (in some ways) i don't blame them. 


Myself, i had imported and collected all this 3D stuff and waited and not even customized background music. No 3D ability to link to Youtube Music. A VR home without music is like a car without just doesn't go. Sure, you can pipe in Youtube through the TVs and such but it's an unnecessary extra step. I like the fact that i can launch into VR games (some of them) through my home but it's still "lacking" and there are a lot of other VR home services starting to catch up.


Is Oculus leaving the home on the edge to just die because the Quest 2's home is a LONG LONG LONG way from being what the Rift's home is now. Sideloading is just the tip of the spear and Quest's ability to move around a home space (when it gets here) is no replacement for a home that can be fully fleshed out like the current home is now.


When is Oculus going to take another step with Home if ever?


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Honestly though. I have more hours invested in oculus home than I do in most games combined. I have multiple houses that have reached 500 items placed.

On that note, I have reached out to oculus about the 250mb upload limit being reached with no warning, and it completely locking you out of deleting old uploads and adding new ones. Of course, no response on their end. 

They need much better transparency about this whole dumpster fire.

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Oculus Home in Oculus PCVR is alive and well. I still get new items regularly. So I'm not sure what this is referring to exactly. Like... are you wanting Meta to put Oculus PCVR inside the Quest's Stand-Alone Home environment?

I think what you and i are talking about are two totally different subjects. I am talking about "development", not cheap passification of users through 3D trinkets. The home hasn't evolved in almost two years worth talking about. Giving people freebies is a cheap trick that companies like Bethesda does to make people think things are still going on as business as usual (i.e. Fallout 76). Development are new features that make a fundamental difference in the way you actually use the software in question. And, as far as Quest 2's home goes, they're probably never going to make it like the original Oculus Home because it's a different structure and different memory allocations when it comes to the software. Quest 2 is a completely different animal and cannot compare to the PC apps because of it's memory limitations. Take VR chat, the PC version is far superior because of the structure and memory expansion as well as almost unlimited storage. No, you honestly can't compare native Quest 2 to PC Airlinked Quest 2.

Well, when it comes to Oculus, i've been in contact with some of their tech people. The only people who are "truly" on-point (and this is just "some" of them) are the guys doing the actual line-tech support. The rest of them seem to be just doing the bare minimum and since Facebook bought them, it seem the bar has been lowered to the lower depths of the ocean about anything that's not "new and hot".

@Kilroy5150 wrote:

I am talking about "development", not cheap passification of users through 3D trinkets. The home hasn't evolved in almost two years worth talking about. 


So what do you want them to develop, exactly? Everything in Home, including the environments and music, can be classified as 3D trinkets use to cheaply pacify users.


Do you have an actual detailed suggestion of what you would like to see happen to Home that isn't just another 3D trinket?


What I find most interesting is the fact that, when Home was first rolled out for the Rift, it was criticized heavily by community members as being a cheap ploy to pacify Rift owners while they wait for  more AAA titles. 

Sure i have and i forwarded them to the staff, many times, but it's obviously things they don't care about like a jukebox construct for music that uses a link like in BowlVR or ForVR Darts. I would like to see a more interactive set of 3D objects that you can play actual games on (like linking classic arcade selections to the 3D arcade machines. I would like to see pseudo interactive 3D pets/AIs that could enhance the atmosphere like in VR Chat. There is a TON of ways the home could be enhanced but it's also a possibility that the engine they used might be highly limited. Myself i'm a Unity fan and i've been seeing a lot of "remake" VR developments with other game engines. And in all honesty, if these "kids" at RecRoom can do this, i'm sure industry professionals can make it happen. 


By the way, i wasn't among those who reviewed Home when it came out. I took it on faith that it was good enough to use (then) and it would steadily get better but development came to a slow halt around 2019-2020. But yes, companies are (often) guilty of cheap passification to stall for time like Bethesda did with Fallout 76 during the first year it was out. I do like the way Home allows me to play titles from inside the Home, i thought it was one of their better ideas.


I'm not saying Home isn't good, but it could be better and without having to have a staff of high-level programmers to do it.

Those are actually some GREAT ideas! You should post them over on the Ideas forum so that others can upvote them, and help get them on the roadmap for Oculus devs. I would certainly upvote those. Thanks for sharing!

Well, i did as you asked and added the subject and gave them a title they can't miss LOL.

One thing I would like for them to improve is the movement controls. I wish I could strafe side to side more easily instead of it being restricted to spinning in circles.