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Why won't H265 encoding work - and what about AV1 on the new Quest 3?


Right. I have for ages been playing PCVR with a Quest 2 wired. In the Oculus debug tool, I have to use H264 encoding. If I try to use H265, the interface is so unstable that nothing is playable, not even the Oculus home environment. 

I have an AMD 7900XT gpu. This is capable of H265 and AV1 encoding. Why is H265 unplayable?

Second point is - the Oculus software reports my system as not meeting the minimum specs for VR. Blue bar across the top of the screen. I have a 5800X3D CPU, a 7900XT GPU, 32Gb of ram. My system is far beyond the minimum specs.

Third point - I updated Oculus software today, in preparation for my new Quest 3 arriving tomorrow. In the updated software, I opened up the Oculus debug tool. There is no option to switch to AV1 encoding. Why? Both my GPU and the Quest 3 support AV1, why isn't it there as an option?


Time that wired PCVR was given some attention in software development.



On your 3rd point I use airlink and can't set my settings in the debug tool to use the new av1 codec. Why launch if your software currently won't let us setup and use those features?


Oculus has always been a mess, it's basically abandoned software on PC at this point since most of their headsets are standalone. They barely touched the Wired Link stuff, but really SHOULD add AV1 and fix 265...


Yes, add AV1 support for PCVR and fixe h265 for AMD GPU please !

If you can't fixe it, I will sell my Quest 3 when Pico5 or Valve Deckard will be released...


Yes, AV1 is a MUST !!!! PLEASE UPDATE ASAP !!!


Ya this is kind of ridiculous. Where is AV1 for Airlink? Why delay this? This is your brand new flag ship HMD and we're still stuck with H264/H265??


Nowdays without quest PCVR software updated? this is unreal... Cmon Meta! Give PC users what we deserve


I've bought q2 and q3 ONLY FOR PCVR gaming, THERE IS ZERO INTERESTING FOR ME in oculus games library, same for my KIDS. !!!!

Heroic Explorer

Air Link has been basically unusable for me since v48 with my AMD card.

Hate to say this but invest in Virtual Desktop with supports x265 and AVC1 (Quest3 only). Works well with my potato AMD RX 590. There are some of the PCVR games/apps/experiences that I have that won't run under VD but the ones that count do. The ones that don't work were free so I don't really care.

I do have VD and now it offers VDXR, but it missing some handy features like FOV eating options, link cable connections, etc. In fs2020 you can gain 10-15fps reducing FOV to 78-80%. 

I've requested those features on discord but will it ever show up ? IDK, 

THEY NEED TO ADD more features in oculus link/air link but they focused on other things. PCVR is a BIG THInG to them but they dont know about it yet....

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