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Win8.1 judder in landscape(flipped) [working WA proposed]

Hi, I've recently installed Windows 8.1 Pro as second operating system.
I'm observing that Extended Desktop mode is no working correctly ?
Somehow this issue is not picked up by anybody?

Here are just 3 threads I fould that mention this issue:

In short:
- When in Extended Desktop mode:
- Oculus Display is detected differently on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
- In "Landscape" mode there is no Judder ( but everything is rotated by 270 degree, so it looks flipped upside-down ).
- In "Landscape (flipped)" mode display is properly rotated by 90 degree, but there is terrible judder.

My observations after reading other threads:
- Windows 8.1 has no Aero mode to disable, so it won't fix it
- Nvidia drivers are no longer supporting display rotation on GPU (since WinXP) which means desktop compositing system does it on CPU, and then it probably forces sync of all displays to common refresh rate which is 60Hz - Judder appears.
- Windows 8.1 does display rotation in reversed direction in comparison to Windows 7.

WA proposed by others that are not taken into notice:
- Decrease resolution of primary monitor and force it to 75Hz -> Not every display can be bumped to 75Hz
- Set Oculus DK as primary monitor -> I don't believe any customer will integrate into his settings so much, it's to complicated for end users, then they need to switch it forth and back, Oculus should just work for them
- Disable other displays except Oculus -> the same as above

My WA proposition for now (will need to implement it):
- Set in Extended Desktop mode Oculus to Landscape (everything is "upside-down" but we don't have judder).
- Detect in game Windows 8.1 (somehow??)
- When performing distortion rendering take into notice rotation by 270 degrees and flip everything with proper matrix
- As a result this should remove issue for now

Reproduced on:
- Windows 8.1 Pro
- Oculus DK2
- Extended Desktop mode
- NO legacy support for DK1
- Rift Saver ON
- OpenGL, NON-SDK cutom rendering (works correctly on Windows 7).
- VSync is ON.

Cannot observe the issue in OculusRoomTiny 0.4.4 (works correctly in both SDK, and Custom rendering mode).
It renders in DX11 so maybe difference in swap-chain is the answer?
OculusWorldDemo (forced to GL) is not detecting properly DisplayID for HMD which results in creating window on Monitor instead of Oculus so I cannot check judder there.

Question to dev team:
- Can you confirm judder-flip issue on Windows 8.1 and Oculus OpenGL Extended Desktop mode ?
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