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Windows 11: Oculus Games Crash but SteamVR works

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So, I recently got a new computer, which, of course, comes pre-loaded with Windows 11. Moving my Rift S over, and I found that while I can launch all the Oculus Store based games, they all crash moments after loading (presumably right as the VR portions kick in). That said, all my SteamVR based games work fine.


Oculus support indicated that there's nothing they can do until Windows 11 is supported by Oculus.


Well that sucks.


So this should be a simple remedy right, why is it taking so long to fix? All they need to do is tweak the Oculus SDK. Steam can do it so why can’t they? I bought a lot of games from the Oculus Store and can’t even play them now on Windows 11 without them crushing on the start up. 

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A new update, Just found out some games do the exactly same thing on Stream VR too, you can launch them fine but they will crush back to Windows within minutes after starting them. Paper Doll VR is one of them. So it looks like this crush is only driven by what games you play on Windows 11. 

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Hi! I had a similar problem, but it was any steamvr game (tried pistol whip and hl alyx).

I have a lenovo laptop (this is important fact).

I blamed windows 11, because on my wife's laptop games worked correctly on windows 10.

1. Then I turned off every hardware acceleration and game mods (in bios, then in settings-gaming-game mode).

2. Deeply cleaned my laptop by ccleaner.

3. Turned off lenovo vantage service (now it doesn't work, it even doesn't start). And it helps me. Now steamvr works.

Hope it'll help you!

Hello is oculus fully supported with win 11. I have a rift s. Im thinking about upgrading from win 10 to 11. The only thing holding me back is oculus. Does everything work? Do I need to make a clean install win 11 or will an upgrade from 10 to 11 work out of the box. Does anyone know? What is the status! Thankyou

Hey @Encore9z, great questions! We'd love to jump in and provide some clarifications! We understand the worry surrounded by an update not being supported, but we're here to say that Windows 11 is now fully supported by our software! As for the ways you get upgraded to Windows 11, a simple upgrade should do you just fine, but a fresh install of Windows 11 wouldn't hurt either. The decision is up to you! 

Hope this helped! If not, please feel free to let us know!

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Hey hey! Just want to reach back out to see if you had any more questions or concerns we could address. We'll be happy to assist where needed! We hope your day is great, and we look forward to hearing back from you if you have any questions or concerns!

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Hello I just installed win 11 and it all works great. Thankyou

Hey @Encore9z! Woohoo! We love to hear it! Please feel free to reach back out if you have any questions, we're here to help. Also, we'd love to hear more from you on our forums, so please don't hesitate to check out all our boards! We hope you have a wonderful day and great times in VR!

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