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Workroom web app doesn’t work

Level 2

I was able to get workrooms on my headset. It is currently on the screen that shows my pairing number.


when I go to the web app on my laptop it allows me to log in but it does not allow me to click on any links (I tried every link) the screen is just frozen. 

i deleted cookies and restarted but the problem remains. Any ideas?


Level 3

Why does it seem like the PC is required for Workrooms? The Quest 2 should be enough.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there joseph_urbanski. We understand how it can feel to experience issues with the workrooms web app. Let's see what we can do to help you.


Have you uninstalled the workrooms app and reinstalled it to see if it works? Do you have workrooms app installed on the PC? 


We have provided a public article HERE to help you.

Please make sure the headset and app on the PC are both on version 42.


Let us know if you still need help and we will be happy to assist!