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Workrooms issues, 2 monitors when?

Level 4

Been fooling around with workrooms and its pretty cool. But I have two monitors and not being able to see both is hampering work. Also is there any way to make the screen bigger than the current max size? and my real world setup is not centered on my desk so in VR my screen is more to the right then where I want to be. I need a way to move the screen. My tracked keyboard k830 is losing tracking a lot (my desk is grey so maybe that's it?) Still really cool but not ready for prime time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Peteo, thank you for reaching out about dual monitor setups in workrooms! We're always looking for more ways to accommodate workflows and layouts that our users prefer and we appreciate your request. We'll pass on the suggestion to the team! As for the various issues you're encountering, please make sure your work area is properly lit to avoid losing tracking and ensure correct positioning.

Thanks turned on the overhead light an its helping but is still disappears a bunch. Any way to create a passthrough for the keyboard? Another big thing is the refresh rate. I'm definitely noticing "flickering" on the remote screen. Seems a lot more than the 3rd party virtual desktop app. Is there any way to up  this?

Hey Peteo, thanks for the response! There's definitely a way to use passthrough with your keyboard!

To use your keyboard in Workrooms with Passthrough:

  1. From the Workrooms app, select shining eye Passthrough near the right corner of your virtual desk.

This will create a transparent section on your virtual desk so that you can see your keyboard on your real desk. As for upping the refresh rate on your device, the Quest 2 runs at 90hz out of the box. However, as of V28, you can make use of experimental 120hz refresh rate.

To enable the experimental 120hz feature, you'll need to ensure you've updated your Quest 2 to v28. Once you've double checked you're on v28, follow the steps below:


  1. From the Quest 2 home, go into the "Settings" menu and turn on experimental features.

Be aware, the higher performance required to use the 120hz refresh rate will drain the battery a lot faster.

Thank you. Passthrough is cool! Though its is hard to read the keys but is workable. My quest was already set up for 120hz. Maybe workrooms does not support it? when I move my mouse curser you can see it stuttering. Possibly its the network connection. VPN seems to sever the connection to my quest remote desktop app too

Hey there Peteo, we appreciate the response! We're glad that passthrough is working for you! As for the stuttering with your Quest, 120hz is only supported by a handful of applications at the moment and is still an experimental feature. VPNs would most certainly limit the network connection, causing stuttering or poor performance. We recommend trying workrooms with the experimental 120hz feature disabled, and with your VPN disabled to troubleshoot network issues. Cheers!

I agree with needed multimonitor support.  I currently use 3 monitors on my computer and have stuff going on with all 3 most of the time.  The lack of being able to see all my monitors in workrooms is the single biggest thing that keeps me from doing more work in workrooms.  Would also be great to see an be able to interact with my phones in workrooms.  There is another app that lets you see your phones, all screens, and even add extra screens.  The topper would be if you could not only see the phone screens but be able to interact with the screen in VR too.  But like I said main thing is multi monitor support.