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Worst Customer Service

Level 2

I have been having an awful time with finding out any information on my Oculus Quest 2, My Oculus Charging Port Melted which was a big safety concern to me, they requested that I send it in which I did immediately ( March 7th 2022) I tracked the shipment and it was received at their location on March 11 2022 at the time the original email said please allow 3 to 5 business days, I reached out to occulus on the 7th to ask for an update, I was told that all product replacements take 8 to 12 business days, I reached out to occulus after that time line and was assured that the logistics team was looking in to the manner and they would be reaching out to me and that was over 10 days ago. Anytime I contact support I am told they are working on it but I have never been contacted by any department or any occulus support member regarding this issuse, I have been extremely patient but how long am I supposed to wait ?  If I knew this is how it would be handled if something is wrong with your device I would have never recommended it to friends and family , 


Level 3

Agreed! My Oculus 2 is less than a week old and already it refuses to leave Guardian set up mode when it's turned on. And Oculus support is absolutely, stunningly useless. They could not even find my account even though I was logged into it, and chatting with them via the account they said did not exist. 


On top of that, my device is still useless. It's a very expensive paper weight right now. Even after a factor reset, which seems to be the standard answer for anything that goes wrong with this device. 


Not impressed by ANYTHING Oculus, and even less impressed that "meta", or "facebook" is involved. That only means that support is going to get worse. 

Level 2

Look Oculus does take very long to replace or fix sets. At ebay they sell parts to fix it. It isn't hard to replace the charging ports for you're oculus. And part is like few bucks.

Level 3

Great. My Oculus charging port melted as well today. This seems to be a serious fire hazard. Why have they not recalled these? I reached out to customer service today and got nowhere as well.