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Yodel 'Lost' my Meta Quest Pro and Meta refuse to issue refund

Level 2



I ordered my Quest Pro, Link Cable and Earphones on the 28th October. 

Dispatched with Yodel (courier): 28th November
Quest Pro Delivery Attempted: 29th November at 2.05pm
(Sorry we couldn't deliver to you today. Check back here for updates)
Link Cable + Earphones Delivery: 29th November at 2.30pm (Delivered successfully)

I call up Yodel to ask where the Quest Pro is. They confirm it has been "lost" (I suspect stolen, considering they successfully delivered my other 2 items!)

Everything was in separate boxes FYI, not all together in one box.

I have since chased Yodel and Meta. Yodel have confirmed numerous times that they have lost the parcel, after searches of their warhouse.
Meta, however, keep telling me to be patience, and that they are still investigating. 

I only know this, because I have to keep chasing and raising new cases with their online chat, because nobody is responding to my replies to the original case. 


TL;DR - Meta has £1,500 of my money, and I have no quest after 2 weeks have passed.


Can anyone suggest what steps I can take other than just wait? 


So sorry to hear that, I assume you didn't put any insurance on it, so kept on calling, texting, whatever it takes to Meta to get you your refund or another one. I never heard of this postal Service before, UPS or FEDEX wasn't available? Hope everything turns out alright for you, because $1500.00 is nothing to sneeze about. Good Luck.