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Your RMA (broken/return) experiences - Taking Forever, Vague Communication?

Level 3

After one month of use, my Oculus Quest 2 was bricked by the "USB Update Menu" bug. Thats another story (one which appalls me .... that a $300 piece of equipment can break itself in a month)


But whats also appalling is Oculus Support and the RMA process. (returning faulty headset for a hopefully working one) It clearly states once they receive the returned headset, a new one will be shipped within 3-5 days.

From what I've read that is basically a lie. No one gets it back that fast, and have read quite a few horror stories of a month, multiple months, etc. So far I'm on day 13, with zero communication as to when they'll fix their mistake. Kind of worried I have many more weeks to go.


Any emails to Oculus Support are responded to with polite yet incredibly vague and absolutely devoid of any concrete info. Essentially "We are so very sorry! We have zero clue when you will receive a working headset! We understand it must be frustrating!"


Anywho....just curious, if you've gone through an RMA, how long did it take you to get your replacement?


While I've really enjoyed the Oculus the one month i got to use it, I am incredibly turned off by the fact something that cost so much hasn't been given appropriate quality control....and when you try to have the company's error resolved, its like pulling teeth. I guess me writing this message is mostly to vent, but also adding one more entry into internet cannon of frustrated buyers. Maybe this will be the straw to break the camels back lol (Zuckerberg will be reading this and say "you know, we need to make this right" haha)


On second thought, what other VR headsets are there that have better quality and better customer service?


Level 4

Same here. I had an elite headstrap with battery attached starting to break within 3 months. They made a returns procedure sound like I'd be set within a week, but they keep apologising and saying there is an issue with emailing return labels that is being investigated by a dedicated team.


They won't clarify what the issue is, or why they can't/won't screenshot and email the label. My last straw was asking them for a returns address that I would manually write down and send at my expense and they could compensate me later, but having that email ignored.


Every week I get geared up to do the ridiculous customer service dance with a vague agent and leave the chat feeling agitated and fobbed off. I'm within my warranty and looking into escalating into the legal realm, though am put off by the extra length in time and energy it is going to take.

oh man that sucks, sorry to hear. I'm seriously considering looking into consumer rights / legal course as well.


From what i've been reading, it seems like the Oculus is plagued by LOTS of various problems. and it could be because of that, their returns center is just absolutely overloaded. i imagine shipping containers just filled to the brim with broken headsets and a handful of overworked minimum wage workers

Level 3

I think I'm in the same boat...

This is my third RMA on a controller. Everybody got problems with this low quality stuff, people is just discouraged to use the warranty, because they makes so hard to use it.
Every day I write those scammers, every day I got the same identical replies you got.

If you guy proceed on the legal way, let us know how.

I suggest, like me you file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau. They will contact Oculus on your behalf. If enough people with this ridiculous issue do the same, maybe they will act/offer alternative solutions/provide compensation. When selecting the business name, make sure it's the correct one. It was listed as Oculus VR, Menlo Park.

Miffytrix : thats really funny that you suggest that.... that's actually what I just did a few days ago! Yes I made sure it was Oculus VR - Menlo Park. Even more funny : after filing the complaint with BBB, i received notification my replacement headset has finally shipped. Apparently, squeaky wheel gets the grease. Only took 2 and a half weeks. I'm still a touch worried, i've read other horror stories of people's replacement headsets also being broken. 


Looking at their BBB rating, its literally 1 out of 5. BBB gives them an "F" ... apparently they dont really care about customer service. In my opinion they have a great product....but it's plagued by a multitude of errors/problems/quality control (from all the anecdotal evidence i've read here and reddit) AND have either a really horribly constructed return process, or simply do not have appropriate staffing for how many of their products regularly break. On top of that, communication on ETAs of returns is bleak and somewhat deceitful.....I personally wouldn't have been nearly as frustrated if they were truthful with me from the start : "Hello, here's the truth : we are overloaded with returns. It could be up to a month." instead of sending out an email saying 3-5 days. 


Anyway this reply is getting long. Long story short, I agree : if you are dealing with the horrible RMA process and it's been a few weeks with no end in sight, i suggest creating a complaint through the BBB. 

I'm glad there's finally progress for you! I'll update you when/if there's any on my side. It's almost humorous now seeing what the next agent will say about the status of my case.


I've had some contact with Amazon (where I bought the product from) and they have been helpful and informative to the point it is easier to deal with them even though Oculus is responsible.

Level 3

Is there an equivalent of BBB for European Union?

Seems like is only for NA consumers.


This scammers are doing whatever they want...
I'm trying to open a dispute on the European commission website, but I can't find some of the legal terms I'm supposed to know. Starting with their site in the EU, the oculus legal page is just vague and reference the facebook's one without even linking it. It's just... grotesque and frustrating. Seems like it's all done to discourage you to do anything.