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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Logitech MX keys mini Universal VS Mac

I want to use tracked keyboard feature in my quest 3. Logitech MX Keys Mini Pale Grey Universal is not available in Indonesia. But Mac version is available.I dont have any experience with Mac style keyboard.If I use Mac version, what are things that ...

Rdkartono by Honored Guest
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Resolved! What are the deafult settings for Oculus Debug tool?

Im having some problems after changing settings in the Debug Tool, could anyone go to their debug tool and tell me the settings, Thanks. How to find oculus debug tool: Right click oculus on your desktop, press open file location, press support at the...

Yzee0 by Honored Guest
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Crashing consistently for the past four weeks

Hey theremy husband and I play Golf+ every Sunday for the past couple of years with my sister. My sister uses a Quest2 and my husband and I each use a Quest3. (Sis is in SoCal and we are in NorCal.)recently we’ve been having crashes during our game w...

oculus quest 2 quest link not working

Hey! so This Morning I went on my oculus quest 2 and i plugged in my cable into my oculus and into my pc it kept getting me notifications saying it's not working properly so i looked on google, i looked on YouTube, i updated my pc and my oculus still...

Losing Past Purchases

So back in 2021 I bought a game (I have the emailed Receipt) and i then stopped playing for about 2 years. Recently ive gotten back into the oculus, but when i logged into my facebook account (I had created my account back in 2021 to use my oculus) i...

Quest 3 - Charging sound when Elite Battery Strap is empty

Every time the battery of the Elite Strap reaches 7%, there is a charging noise several times in a row until the level reaches 4%. And then the Quest's battery goes down. Really distracting... Otherwise everything works fine. Is it a normal behaviour...

Walkabout mini golf missing courses

Hello all my purchased courses for walkabout are just showing a plus sign even though they are all on my purchase history on the Oculus app , please sort it's been like this week's now

Controller's not working

Was just the right hand one messing up. Now both are not working at all. New batteries didn't work.

lauriebo by Honored Guest
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Black jaggies when recordings

Hi. I am recording Microsoft Flight Simulator from Quest 3 into OBS, using the Open XR plugin to connect to OBS. I use the Open XR runtime in the simulator. I also use Virtual Desktop.My problem is that I am getting these black horizontal lines appea...

EggsD by Honored Guest
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My quest 3 wont stay connected to wireless

I can only use my quest 3 thru my pc as the wireless just constantly disconnects and recconects every 30 seconds or so and makes having a standalone useless.i have done the hard reboots n factory resets and ive also took it to my girlfriends and trie...

Wiiki420 by Honored Guest
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Refund Problems

Hi.I made a request for a refund for the app Virtual Desktop on March 5th. The app is no longer available to me, but the money has not been returned. What should I do?My profile says that the request was approved, but there has been no money on the V...

Roomper by Explorer
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The headset smells like mold

I just got the Meta quest three today and when I smell the spongey bit That goes On your face it smells like mold straight out of the box

Resolved! Installing Oculus App on Drive OTHER THAN C: Drive

Hi,I have spent the past several hours attempting to run the initial Oculus Setup, but every time I get past the Terms and Conditions I get a screen saying that I cannot connect to the Oculus Servers (which I know is false--my Internet is working fin...

trkent26 by Explorer
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"Immersive Do Not Disturb is Off"

Okay, how do I disable this obnoxious notification? I know it's off. I left it off. I even turned it on and then turned it back off hoping it would make the notification go away.

omfgnn by Explorer
  • 6 replies
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Beat saber

I bought one of the new music packs for beat saber , but I can’t get the game to update, to even show the new music. Tried uninstalling and manually clicking update but it just won’t actually do the update

Not allowing purchases

I had issues a few months ago with my credit card with purchases being added on it that’s being taken care of with my bank but now months later, I’m trying to purchase something and block tag for my son and it is not allowing me to make purchases wit...

Unable to Re-purchase Arcade Paradise VR

Hello,I have an incident open but no luck. I bought Arcade Paradise VR as a preorder, but refunded the game. Now, I want to repurchase the game but I cannot. It shows as a grayed-out “Pre-ordered” button. I even tried buying as a gift to myself and h...

Quest 3 problems and observations

My observations after 10 days of using Quest 3. Dead pixel(s?) At least one dead black pixel on the right eye panel. Pretty much next to where I look when head and eyes are pointing forward, like looking towards horizon. I don't care about dead pixel...

Ezez333 by Protege
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Can’t pair headset

I have had my meta quest 2 headset for over two years now. I tried to create a new meta account (there is one meta account already connected to the headset but on a different device) and when I went to pair my headset, the app told me my headset had ...

Trying to link my child's account to mine

I have two Oculus headsets. One of my children has their account linked to mine, the other had his birthdate entered wrong, and then we were not able to fix it. We figured it wouldn't matter that much so let him start playing. Then his account was re...

Recover previous purchases

I have an Oculus Rift, but didn't use it for a while until today.I am trying to recover the content that I bought but cannot seem to login to my Oculus account. I did had my Oculus account associated with my Facebook account. Now it tells me that the...

El_Beaver by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 stuck on home screen

Hello, my Oculus Quest 2 is stuck on the home screen, and I can't select anything. Furthermore, the screen is miniature and non-3D. I've attempted to restart it, perform a hard reboot, and even let the headset's battery drain and recharge, but the is...

Unable to perform a password reset

so basically I lost all access to my email and my account is basically inaccessible and for some reason my device serial number doesn't work probably because I paired my oculus quest 3 to another account any suggestions or ideas on how to get my acco...

“Something went wrong” YouTube live chat

I’m trying to open my YouTube live chat from my oculus quest 2, I’ve done everything else and I can stream the quest, but my YouTube live chat says that something went wrong. It won’t let me click the search box next to the YouTube logo.What do I do?

WaferX by Honored Guest
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