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Resolved! Known Issue - Meta Device Code Not Working

Everytime I have tried to add another accounts onto my quest 2 the device code on says "Invalid Device Code Request! Please try again!" I have factory reset my headset and done all troubleshooting methods.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or liv...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! INVITE LINK with 30 € not anymore visible in my OCULUS APP

Hi Guys,today I was going to invite one my friend with 30€ promo invite link but in my Iphone Oculus App the button to invite is not anymore present... also my invite link is disabled are the rules ...

can't log into account without using air link

ive started using my brothers quest 2 recently after he hadnt used it. he had his own account. I didn't delete his account or anything, but i airlinked my desktop account to it, and ever since I can't make login to my account on my headset or anythin...

Resolved! Why is airlink using only 60mbps?

Hello there!I'm having 'problems' with airlink. It works alright, but the image quality is bad. I checked the task manager, and it says that the OVRServer_x64 is only using 50mbps from my network. I thought the limit was 100mbps for AMD cards and 200...

rinshun by Level 4
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Resolved! Reset Refund?

I have been one of the victims of being locked out because of the pattern. I only have the option to factory reset, but I purchased games, if I reset, will I get my money back for the games that are erased?

Problem Quest 2 not pairing

I had to factory reset my Quest 2 because I forgot my pattern. Now I’m having trouble pairing with the 5 digit code. It will not pair. How can I get customer support

Problems purchasing the product

I’m trying to purchase the Oculus via PayPal and they said the payment is going to someone named Johnathan Ponzo and not Meta? So the purchase got blocked. What’s going on? I am on what appears to be the official website. You made me set up ...

369963 by Level 2
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issues with oculus quest 2 linking to pc

So i keep getting, "Graphics card not compatible with quest link", which it's been working completely fine for the past year. i have a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 ti, i've reinstalled my drivers, restarted both my pc and headset multiple times and i just...

Resolved! Facebook Locked Account

Alright. I received an Oculus Rift S for Christmas two years ago. To set it up, you needed a Facebook account. I made a random Facebook account with a crazy name because I didn't want my actual name on the network. I play for about a year and then sc...

Games not starting

Whenever I start a game, it'll load for a moment, and then it sends me back to the main hub and restarting it doesn't work, and it doesn't seem to let me start anything at all, everything from the default experiences to superhot and beat saber, nothi...

No Controllers returned

HiI recently sent back my Quest 2 for replacement, with the full box and controllers. You have returned a Quest 2 in a small box with no controllers. Could you please return the fullsize box and controllers?Thank you

Is there a way to pair without the app?

So, I was playing gorilla tag, and I threw my controller across the room, and the ring of the left controller broke off, which I later found out that the tracking sensors were inside of, I bought a new controller and couldn’t pair it, then, my dad di...

Redeeming Beat Saber

So I redeemed my best saber but when I go to my games or purchased I have nothing and if I go to best saber in the store it says buy for the full price?

Unohxna by Level 2
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Are the joysticks detected when they leave the field of vision?

airlink not launching, missing requirements

i have a tp-link ax1500 connected to my pc over ethernet dedicated to quest2, pc is connected to internet over wifi. i managed to get my quest2 paired with the PC but in the airlink box it says 'connected - missing requirements'. i hit troubleshoot a...


I took a demo of this game: The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets - now the game is considered partially purchased from me (in the search menu it is indicated as purchased), I cannot activate gift, there is no longer the desired menu, please delete thi...

Larirom by Level 2
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How do I submit a complaint?

I've had the worst customer service experience with Oculus's customer service. I've been working on this issue since May 24 and still no resolution! How do I file a complaint against this representative that has not at all been helpful. It's been a v...

Osera by Level 3
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pending hardware issues

im having pending hardware issues playing echo vr. It starts up and i get to lobby then black screens and says 'i have a pending hardware issue. make sure your headset is plugged in.' i used to play echo vr all the time, about a year ago this started...

Help! Can't login on Oculus Link app

I've just reinstalled Windows 11 and I can't login to Oculus. I was already on Win11 previously, when things were working.Tried loging in with Oculus account and it says my e-mail/password are incorrect, which is not true because I can login on Oculu...


For some reason when I bought stride it still have the free trial on it and when I click to play it it said it won’t start the free trial when i just bought it

Can't give Airlink Desktop Focus...

Hi. Hopefully I can explain this correctly as I don't have the terminology quite correct. I can connect through airlink fine (wirelessly or by cable), use Steam, etc. However, when I select my PC as a virtual desktop through Airlink, I can't interact...

PC USB Sound Card causes Horizon Workrooms to disconnect

Once I disconnect my Soundblaster X4 USB Sound card from the PC, the remote desktop session works fine. If I select the audio output device to anything other than Soundblaster (for instance, selecting Oculus Virtual Audio Device), then the session al...

matbee by Level 2
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Axeman Glitch. I'm Cryin'...

So.... yeah.... The axeman was no easy task for me. I fumbled grenades and had a tough time kiting Gerik but I managed to take him down after 2 deaths of my own. I was so relieved.... except when I left his hideout the quest log says I need to find G...


Oculus quest 2. Absolutely love it but recently, the updates have taken all my storage. I can ha e like 2 games installed. What the heck is that about?

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