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Resolved! (Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course the...

New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

right hand controler having issues .

thumb joy stick bounces me around and i am not touching it ... hard to sit at a poker table then bounce to the other side of room ... or props appear out of know where .... can i replace joy stick or even fix current controler

Quest 2 Tracking Glitch

I’ve been having tracking issues on my Quest 2 for a long time now. When I power on the headset, I can see through pass through for about two seconds, then the entire screen just starts spinning to the left then instantly skips back to the right and ...

Resolved! Account banned

What to do if my son's account has been banned? My son had purchased games on his account. What can I do to get my son's account and games back. Please help.

Piotr09 by Honored Guest
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H.264 videos on tv app won't load anymore.

HELP ME!!! I'm a VR videos creator, I deliver 8k 360 Stereoscopic videos (over/under) and it used to work fine up untill the recent update.all my clients now return and complain that the Oculus TV app won't open or even show them in the gallery.H.265...

Avivon by Honored Guest
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Assassins creed nexus not loading

Uninstalled amd reinstalled it amd still not getting passed the startup loading screen ive also restarted my headset im on meta quest 2 and i still have alot of storage

Referrals gone after vacation

I went on a vacation to Cambodia, after being there for some time my referral button disappeared because Cambodia is not a supported country. Now that I'm back in Denmark the button is still gone and I can't seem to get it back!?

PTC v60 - 1-2 second input lag with Bluetooth devices.

Hi,I updated two of my Meta Quest 2 devices to PTC v60 version today and noticed that connected Bluetooth devices (BLE) have huge input delay lag. Earlier today the Bluetooth connection worked fine on these devices on V59. The input lag is between 1-...

Resolved! App won’t load to approve for kids account

Hi, so my daughter has a kids account and I bought Beat Saber and she requested it for approval but when I go to review the app, the screen won’t load. It’s just greyed out and I can’t click approve or deny or anything. I’ve deleted the app and redow...

No audio on Quest 2 via link cable

Just as the title says, I'm not getting any audio through my headset while using a link cable for the oculus home-- no desktop audio in oculus home, no game audio when in a game, despite video working flawlessly. Issue persists with games both from o...

Resolved! Play multiplayer

My wife and I have 2 meta quest devices. How do we play the same game without purchasing it twice?

tcopple74 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 unusable due to "tracking lost" issue

I bought the headset from a guy, Quest 2, 64 GB, at first everything worked normally, he performed factory reset, but at home I found that after turning it on, it only shows a grey screen with background music.I let the device charge overnight and th...

dandy666 by Honored Guest
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Headset boundry glitch?

My Quest 2 headset continues to tell me that i need to make a new boundry. "Your boundry isnt being detected by your headset, restart the headset to help it' or whatever. When i restart the headset with the button given at that screen, it tells me to...

Resolved! Unable to use gift card credit despite having enough

My friend gifted me a giftcard, which I have redeemed and appear to have no problems with. Except for when I try to buy something, it only shows the options to "add credit card" or "paypal account" stuff. I thought it would automatically recognize th...

App Delete Button

It has been over a year and Meta still hasn’t added a delete button to the meta quest app. I think that’s pretty silly. I understand the sync and unsync feature, but why would there not be a delete function the app? I hope they realize the problem an...

Regical by Honored Guest
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Quest 3 headset tracking and controller pairing issues

I received my Oculus Quest 3 headset on the 12th, and for the past few weeks, I haven't encountered any issues. I've been very careful with both the controllers and the headset, and everything was working perfectly. However, four days ago, while I wa...

RN3434 by Honored Guest
  • 4 replies
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Controller not pairing

Hello Yes I have already done what you have suggested. The light came on the controller but it didn't vibrate a d it failed to connect to the headset. I have since paired his brother's (They both got one for Christmas) So I still have one right contr...

Resolved! Parental supervision invite just spinning

Hi, I have had a Meta Quest 2 for a couple years. My son just got one and since he’s 13, he’s trying to invite me using a link to supervise his account. I know the invite will expire in 48 hours, but we have tried several times over the last few days...

Chanasya by Explorer
  • 15 replies
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Resolved! Gorilla tag refund

I want a refund for gorilla tag. Got banned for no reason. Developers are unresponsive. Why pay for something I can’t play?

345norman by Honored Guest
  • 6 replies
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How do i fix, “cannot purchase Additional Content”

Whenever i try to purchase anything from the store, an error pops up saying “cannot purchase additional content”. I tried using multiple devices and apps INCLUDING the mobile app…and the same thing keeps popping up. Does anyone know what is wrong, or...

Resolved! 11yo signs up for Facebook and got Quest account suspended

My son, age 11, got a quest 2 for Christmas. He had to make a Facebook account to use it. Guess what, he has to be 13 to make one. So he lied about his age. Meta quest canceled his account and for the last month he could not play his Christmas gift. ...

Expinch by Explorer
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Order was not delivered and refund was not given

Hi, our company placed an order for two Quest 3 plus accessories late last year was not delivered. We were asked to request a refund and re-order which we did. Our new order was delivered but our previous order still has not been refunded months late...

Problem getting a child account to load

I just bought a Quest 2. I have a proper adult admin account that is working as expected. I just created a child account following all of the prompts and paired the account to the headset. On my desktop, the child account appears to be working and I ...

Qzack7 by Explorer
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Not getting a notification to share files with pc (quest 2)

I HAVE THE DEV NOTIFICATIONS TURNED ON I do not receive a notification to share files with my PC when I plug in my quest 2, I am trying to install mods for bone lab. I am not the admin of the headset but I have developer settings and the notification...

Resolved! I need to know how to reset my headset remotely

I do not have my quest 2 headset in my possession it's lost and I need to know how to get my account off of it because if someone else were to get it they would have access to my stuff Please it would help a lot

bean0.0 by Honored Guest
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Bestellung nicht angekommen

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,ich habe einen Meta Quest 3 bestellt und sollte am 21.02.24 bei mir angekommen aber ich habe meine Bestellung immer noch nicht erhalten. Ich habe oft UPS angerufen und habe ich nach gefragt aber sie verschieben immer und...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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