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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Dell Vostro 4710 Oculus Quest compatibility problem

Hi there, i beg for help:)I have a problem with my Dell Vostro 7510 Laptop compatibility. Its specification should be more than sufficient to run quest link but quest app shows big red stripe with message that graphic card is no compatible. But compa...

xpociskpl by Honored Guest
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Can't pair my Meta Quest 2

Just got a Meta Quest 2 and I can't pair it with my Meta Quest app. I tried every troubleshooting tip, including switching internet connections and devices with the app. I did factory reset 3 times and nothing changed. I think it's all done because o...

Screenshot_20240308_133643_Meta Quest.png
niruko by Honored Guest
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PCVR stuttering then eventually crashing

Whenever I try to play any game on SteamVR (mainly VRChat) my quest 2 stutters and shows some kind of awful screen tearing effect as the device no longer responds. Some games like Beat sabre run fine but there are times where it does this without eve...

Resolved! Can Quest 2 movies picture quality be improved or adjusted?

Greetings: I load some 1080p and 4k content to Quest 2 and the pictures quality is kinda very deceiving consider the Quest 2 resolution of each eye (1832 x 1920), I expect the quality must be at least similar to my old 50" 1080p plasma TV but it is n...

I cant get my recovery code

Hello I have I problem that I can't get a recovery code cuz my phone broked and the SMS got missed I can't get access to my acc anymore . so I created that new account to ask for a solve for that issue hope to find a help

Jsihdgd by Honored Guest
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Mon oculus fait des bruits bizarre au niveau du ventilateur

Bonjour,Recemment j’ai acheté un oculus quest 2 et après une semaine d’utilisation il a commencée à faire des bruits de ventilateur vraiment fort. Après l’avoir éteint et rallumer le bruit s’est adouci mais est toujours présent. Je souhaiterais savoi...

rick952 by Honored Guest
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Zagubiony numer zamowienia

Witam, zagubiłem numer zamówienia a po woli widzę że Google mają coraz więcej awarii I chciałbym oddać na gwarancję, czy numer seryjny wystarczy?

Resolved! Referral

A friend sent me her referral code and I bought a 3 and haven’t received anything. Tried to resend it and got error

White dot

I have had my meta quest for over a year now but 3 month after buying it i got this White dot with a little line. To my knowledge it has been in direct contact with sunlight and has never been dropped on the ground. I have tried reseting the headset ...


Distorted screen Oculus 2

Out of nowhere my Oculus did not want to turn off and it was stuck on the black screen with the blue logo. I was able to successfully do a factory reset, but now my screen is all distorted. It took me forever to set it up, because I could barely see ...

need help! controllers not working, headset won't reboot

at first my problem was just the controllers suddenly stopped working on my son's meta quest 3, tried to re-pair them, reset them, nothing, so tried to factory reset the quest itself, and now nothing, multiple attempts to reboot the system seem to do...

Resolved! Locked out of account due to lost 2FA app

Hello everyone, I’m on a alt acc rn I have a really big problem so i setup/created 2fa on my main account and it was all set up but a day later I accidentally deleted the Authenticator app and I cannot sign in anymore because I don’t have the verific...

Erro tente novamente mais tarde (Does not connect) Meta quest 2

Boa tarde, estava com minha meta quest 2 funcionando normalmente até que um dia ela não conseguiu mais conectar no meu celular nem no meu computador, procurei ajuda e me disseram para reiniciar a meta quest 2, agora quando vou conectar minha conta us...

Imagem do WhatsApp de 2024-03-06 à(s) 14.09.56_ad2b6bcd.jpg Imagem do WhatsApp de 2024-03-06 à(s) 14.09.51_a08e0105.jpg Imagem do WhatsApp de 2024-03-06 à(s) 14.05.09_33e832c5.jpg
DskZzz by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Is passthrough over link broke for anyone else?

It was working fine yesterday evening (it's early morning here now), I think there's been an update to Meta Space setup. Tried Unity passthrough over link, Unity said "No scene available", so went into space setup in my Quest 3, the UI has changed a ...

Crisy6 by Explorer
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Remboursement bartender vr

Bonjour,Je n'arrive pas. Âme faire rembourser bartender vr, je n'y ai pas jouer plus de deux heures et vient tout juste de l'acheterSi quelqu'un pourrait m'aider Merci.

Omegaa0 by Honored Guest
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Parrainage qui ne marche pas

Bonjour deux personnes ont accepté mon parrainage d'appareil mais sa dis que c'est a la moitié et je n'ai toujours pas reçu mes crédit avec chaque personne

Resolved! Is this a legit email?

Received an email from stating that I need to provide account this email legit?

TygaPuppy by Honored Guest
  • 11 replies
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Account deactivated

My son accidentally entered wrong birthday through Facebook so now his meta account has been deactivated. We can't log in because it's wanting him to verify his birthday, and I've tried everything. He has games he purchased that he will lose. So I ne...

can no longer send (paste) text from phone to headset

in the Meta Quest app (iOS in my case) when you select your VR device, under the section "Manage your device", there used to be THREE options, the last one being something like "keyboard text". in there, you could copy text from your phone and paste ...

Resolved! DK2 app on Q3

is there a way to run dk2 apps on the Q3? i tired revive with no luck. ill get the load screen then the app im trying to use just crashes. TIA

b189 by Honored Guest
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Offline unattended setup command line arguments

hi Does anyone know the command line arguments for the OculusSetup.exe for Offline unattended installation?This is to facilitate an enterprise-wide managed deployment on locked down machines using Microsoft Endpoint manager. I'm not able to find any...

Resolved! Why is app sharing not working with my Supervised Child's Account

I set my 10 year-old with a Supervised Child Account on our Quest 2. My account is the admin account on that device and I have confirmed and double confirmed that app sharing is turned on. I have a copy of BAM in my main account and I can play it in ...

aslam by Explorer
  • 5 replies
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QUEST 3 - Audio Streaming (Bluetooth, WIFI, Anything ?)

Hello Guys,I also opened a support ticket, but I am dreading the answer already.It seems there is NO WAY to connect a bluetooth headset without unbearable lag to the quest 3 (although even they offer a suggestion which bluetooth headset to buy) I tri...

VR-Maniac by Honored Guest
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Quest 3 black screen problem

I bought quest 3 1 day ago. When I connect Quest 3 to my computer, the desktop appears on a black screen. Then it starts to slow down and break down.

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