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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Can't install Oculus because of old version

Hi, I cannot seem to get Oculus setup on PC to install no matter what I do. I have cleaned all temporary folders, all program files folders, all references, lots of registry files and restarted many times in safe and normal mode, after uninstalling a...

FirstScreen.png SecondScreen.png ThirdScreen.png
Selly_ by Honored Guest
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Missing Purchases

After being forced to migrate my Oculus account to a Meta account, previous purchases no longer appear in the Oculus app.

Controllers not working

My controllers aren’t working in my oculus. All I can see is a dot in the middle of the middle of the screen. I reset my oculus and it’s still just got a dot in the middle of the screen. I think my son accidentally turned something off in the setting...

Roblox and Gorilla Tag not installing/ updating.

I haven't used my oculus in a while so I'm very behind I go to play roblox but it tells me to update it, I go to update it but it ends up automatically canceling the installation I tried going on gorrila tag the same thing happend and I haven't been ...

Cannot connect to Oculus

Oculus App StatusCan't reach Oculus service - I restarted my computer multiple times- Repaired the app multiple times- Did some clean re-installation- Deleted app data- Changed from LAN wire to Wi-Fi- Did most of the fix mentioned in Meta forum, Redd...

LeMagz by Explorer
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Resolved! How do I App Share to multiple headsets?

I'm trying to share games between 3 headsets. I tried with 2 at first but I can't get it to share on the 2nd headset, just the first. How do I add 2 headsets to my original?

mf633222 by Honored Guest
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stream from oculus quest 3

How to stream from oculus quest 3 end-to-end camera without computer and phone? Is there any plugin that can stream from the camera?

Resolved! New Quest 3 Mic not working no matter what i try

My Quest is new and after playing with it for a week I tried to use the mic in several apps and no output could be heard. Also no output activity is seen on online mic test sites.I have spent hours searching for answers and trying everything I can, i...

Id keeps on get rejected

Recently my oculus account got a warning suspecting me of being underage thus I submitted 2 non government IDs proving that I am over 12 years old but although I meet all of the requirements the IDs keep on getting rejected for no reason.

Resolved! My oculus email is inaccessable and I don't know my pin

Oculus used my old Facebook account email which I no longer have access to. I never knew my pin and now I'm stuck trying to reset my pin but can't because I can't reset my email without the pin. Can you fix my Oculus email to match my Facebook accoun...

3nochk by Honored Guest
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Flickering in left eye while in passthrough

Hello, i recently got a meta quest 3 a couple weeks ago and noticed a flickering in the left eye only while in passthrough mode. Is anyone else experiencing this and know if its software related or a hardware issue? I don't want to make a return beca...

Controllers not pairing

Quest 2 controllers not pairing. New batteries, unpaired and re-paired. Using the phone app. They say paired but they don’t work. What’s the next step? Factory reset?

Meta Quest 2 Stuck on Meta Logo

My sons meta quest 2 is stuck on the logo screen. I restarted it, updated it and it's still stuck.He has games he has paid for with items in the games he has also paid for. He can't go in and make sure it's backed up. How to not lose all his data if ...

Resolved! Walmart not accepting returns because of serial numbers

bought my Quest 3 from Walmart, tried to return the item, Walmart refused stating s/n on headset does not match s/n on box. even after presenting them with Meta email showing all s/n do not match. Walmart still refuses the return.

skd1.2023 by Honored Guest
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Unable to Pair Account to the Mobile App

hey so i was wondering if you can help me fix my meta quest 2 because when i try to connect it to my phone it just keeps reconnecting and never actually connects so i was wondering if you could help me

Resolved! Support taking to long to reply

my brother recently gave me his meta quest 2 and he told me that he broke the charger with the wire and the strap broke while tightening According to him and i asked support if could get it replaced for free and i only got one reply so far and that's...

Cannot Multitask in 3D app with 2D apps

My Meta Quest 2 will no longer allow me to multitask with 2D apps, whilst in a 3D app. The feature disappeared, and I am not sure if this is a bug, glitch, or a removed feature.

Profile is restricted

I havent logged into my mobile app in a long time and wonder if my account was hacked but i just got a quest 3 and trying to set it up but when i log in, i get the following messagesocial features have been temporarily disabled your profile has been ...

edkwon23 by Honored Guest
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Dead Pixels in Quest 2

I got my Pixel 2 for Christmas from my wife and have been enjoying it, but there appears to be a dead pixel in right lens. I've spent time googling dead pixels and stuck pixels, I've tried a few different sites designed to unstick pixels and also com...

Resolved! les mills body combat isn't loading workout

hi ! i havent played since long time and when i try today less mills it wont load any workout in connected worked in offline mode but without profile ....i try to :reload gamechange wifireboot quest 2 uninstall and re install game .... but no...

Controller triggers ghosting but only in Quest link

When using Quest Link to play games, an issue arises where the controllers lock up exclusively in-game. Here's how the problem occurs:I connect my PC with Quest Link.The controllers function normally within the Quest Link interface, allowing me to na...

Merging Oculus account with Meta

Hi,I have an Oculus account that I used with the Quest 1, in which there are some games. Since I would like to buy a Quest 3 I wanted to make sure I had all my previous games in the Meta account, which from my understanding is required for the Quest ...

Bocci by Honored Guest
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