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Resolved! Known Issue - Meta Device Code Not Working

Everytime I have tried to add another accounts onto my quest 2 the device code on says "Invalid Device Code Request! Please try again!" I have factory reset my headset and done all troubleshooting methods.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or liv...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Can't install Oculus software, no error message

I know that other people have had issues where they do get an error message with their software not installing. Mine just, doesn't completely install.It's been like this for a few hours now. I've stopped the process a few times and tried a few of my ...


Game purchased as a gift

I purchased a game Eleven Table Tennis as a gift but don't have any email confirmation to send it to the recipient. I don't know how to send it. It is for my husband's 70th birthday and would like it urgently. I purchased it on 26th Oct 2022 on Recei...

JEM329 by Level 2
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Quest 2 Controller Finger Tracking Not Working

So I recently got Among US VR, which has been great, but when I was playing with a friend they could do gestures with their hands that I couldn't, he also has a Quest 2. (This is happening in other games as well, I only first realized it in Among Us)...

Air link not working as of V46

So I've been using Air Link with no issues for a good while now and for some reason after v46 comes out, every time I connect to air link the internet on my Quest just crashes. I've done everything I could think of, including a factory reset and a fr...


Im trying to connect to the air bridge but its not working, I do the setup and it says its ready to connect but when looking for pcs it no pcs appear. I been trying to fix it restarting the pc and the quest but nothing is working

Jonex_ by Level 2
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When I try to merge my Facebook account and oculus account to connect my device an error pops up saying there is a technical error the team is trying to fix. Is there a way to get around that or do I have to wait for it to be fixed?

Account merging issues

I’m trying to sign into the quest app and it is forcing me to merge my oculus and Facebook account, and when I do it says “something went wrong, this may be because of a technical error we are working to get fixed.” When is this issue planned on gett...


Games not finishing install

Im on quest 2 and I am having the problem where I deleted an app and when I try to reinstall it goes through all the download stuff and then says installing however after it installs it just says "not installed" with an option to download. I have res...

Lou1sVR by Level 2
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Help with watching Netflix on the Virtual Desktop.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to watch Netflix on the virtual desktop app. I keep having a black screen when I go to play videos. If anyone could give me a simple step by step guide I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

trial version leads to inability to purchase

I wanted to buy bundle with "MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE" (I already have Sweet Surrender).But first I installed trial version of MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE, I enjoyed it, after time limit I uninstalled it from the Quest.However... I can't buy bundle anymore.On w...

I forgot my email pin and password

so, essentially, I forgot everything. I want to buy a game but I forgot my pin, email, password, and Facebook account. I'm still logged in but I can't do anything.

Library of games gone

I recently booted my quest 2 up and no game or app would load so I factory reset it. When I tried to log into my quest app I got a message saying this email is connected to a Facebook account. When I logged in through Facebook it made me start a bran...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Customer service and warranty

I have been dealing with Meta’s customer service for about 2 months now through endless emails and trying to contact someone via phone but no response. My quest 2 was working fine at first but less then a year passed and one day in the middle of a ga...

LFC43 by Level 3
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I’m having trouble syncing my account

I haven’t been on my oculus in like 5 months because I got logged out and I tried everything but I couldn’t log back in. recently I decided to try again. when I turn on my oculus, it wants me to link my meta account to my oculus to connect my account...

Quest Link automatically turns on for quest 2

Ever since I used quest link for the first time, my headset has not been allowing me to transfer files on my account. When I use my dad's account it works. I have tried fixing it through the dev settings, but it didn't work. The thing I've noticed is...

GF Cant use Quest 2 w/o PC going to sleep

The title says it, but here are the details: When my girlfriend uses Oculus Link to try to play a game, whether through air link or wired connection to her desktop PC, after a short time ranging from just a few minutes to a half hour, her PC seems to...

Resolved! Steam VR disabled on active headset

I keep trying to open SteamVR on my Quest2, I've tried restarting all apps but it still isn't working. It used to work but now I keep getting an error message saying "Running this application is currently disabled on the active headset". When will it...

My Quest 2 left controller just up and stopped working.

In the middle of playing game, the left controller became glitchy and not tracking. I thought I needed to charge my batteries so I did that. The next day I replaced the battery and tried turning the controller on and it will not do anything. I've tri...

Kids needs to cast their games to TV so their friends can watch

So my kids have sub-accounts on the Oculus, no big surprise there (supposedly family device and all), but when their friends come over they want to watch each other play. I've tried for over an hour yesterday doing everything to pair the Oculus to my...

kelath by Level 2
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Unable to add a payment method

I have tried almost everything : Tried an international credit card in india,tried a virtual international credit card,have also tried a US based credit card. Can't seem to add anything

HDR mode and quest link problem.

Anyone else have to disable HDR in windows everytime they use Quest link with a quest 2? If I do not I cannot view desktop and the oculus windows app is greyed out.

Never got referral bonus

Never got referral bonus I referred a friend I never got my $30 referral bonus and neither did they please tell me when and where our referral bonuses are we are going to have to return all of our equipment back to where we bought it from from

Meta device code death loop

I have been trying to fix this for months. Ever since the brand new meta update came out my quest 2 has been ruined. It keeps asking me to connect my meta account so at first I made a meta account. Then it asked me for my device code so I typed it in...

App sharing

I bought bonelab and having problems using it on second device via app sharing, does this game allow app share or do I have to buy the game twice? Other games I’ve bought in the past work on both devices, any help would be appreciated

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