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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

[] Windows 7 DX11 Service failing

Hello,I'm using Windows 7 with the latest runtime and SDK ( This is on a desktop with a GTX 650 running driver 350.12. When running my own app, it works fine for a time, but after a seemingly random amount of time, I get the following error ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus DK1 not being detected by Configuration Utility

I have an Oculus DK1 and I am trying to set it up on my computer. I am using the 6.1 SDK and Runtime and I can see my desktop background in the oculus lens, but it is displaying like a normal screen and I can only see part of it.When I open up the Co...

mlaykj99 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift DK1 dont work [Windows 8.1]

I bought Oculus rift DK1 few days ago, i had W10 but downgraded to Windows 8.1 because W10 doesn't support Oculus Rift yet.Connected Oculus, done everything like in this video : i had to download Ocu...

juigelis by Honored Guest
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Error installing Runtime.

Hi all!i ran windows 8.1 for a half year about and never ever had any problems wiht my DK2 yesterday i upgraded to windows 10 just to find out it didnt support it yet so i downgraded again and when i did the hazzlestarted.. i tried to clean all my oc...

nathraxx by Honored Guest
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Issue updating runtime SDK (SD1?)

Hello guys I havent used my DK2 in 4 months now and I saw there was a new update available (since I cannot open steam VR anymore I guess I have to do it), so I installed but after the first step I got a window like that

elazul by Honored Guest
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The Rift is plugged into a different GPU

Hi everyoneI haven't been able to find a satisfactory explanation to this. Could anyone help or point to a thread where it is solved?When trying to configure Oculus with Oculus config utility and opening demo, it displays the following message. Any c...

Oculus Standing Up

Hello!I have a scene in Unity set up with an OVRPlayerController.Is there any way I can prevent the PlayerController from 'standing up' when the user does?Sometimes a 'stand up' is triggered even though the user is sitting down, and I'd like to disab...

ilanusse by Honored Guest
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OpenGL,, very long ovrHmd_SubmitFrame() times (>13m)

Hey,I'm on Windows 8 with a Quadro M6000, driver version 350.12. I regularly get calls to ovrHmd_SubmitFrame() that take 30 or more milliseconds. I know long calls can be expected if I call it too soon due to the sync point, but I wouldn't expect tha...

malcolmb by Honored Guest
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oculus runtime error

hey guys i am new to oculus rift dk2 i`m trying to set up my new gear but i can`t get over this ..: someone help me ?

moc4nu by Honored Guest
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no blue light on positional tracking camera.

i recently got a new hard drive and had to re-install my dk2. i had it working no problem on my old hard drive, but for some reason now the blue light on my "camera" (positional tracking device) wont turn on.the OR works. the light on the head set tu...

[Solved] Orange Light

Hey guys. Its been awhile since I've used the DK2. On updating, I saw the recent issues with the DX11 series stuff, and people using older GPUs... However, I'm running a R9 290 that does support it... and I was having issues. After about 30 minutes o...

Finney by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift sometimes doesnt work, really inconsistent!

Hey, this is my first post here so sorry if i sounds stupid or do things im not meant to.Additionally im an amateur to the realm of virtual reality, i got the DK2 on July 27th and have had nothing but difficulty with it from the start. I followed the...

Wall Wart specs for DK2

I can't find *any* reference to this, anywhere. Every unboxing video skips over it, there's no mention of anything in the manual, no photos.... nada.Anyone know what it a) looks like b) is?Massively appreciatedCDJay

CDJay by Honored Guest
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Windows 10 + 0.6 SDK Beta

Greetings,I started using W10 today and since some people said that you can still install everything like you would on a Windows 7 machine if you use compatability mode, i did just that. Please note though that at least on my system, that lead to Win...

greedape by Honored Guest
  • 0 replies
  • 0 kudos - Error when starting PerfHUD with debug HMDdevice

I tried this with the OculusRoomTiny(Advanced) - Performance HUD example.If you are running the example without a Rift connected to the computer and then invoking the PerfHUD you will get an error dialog saying:64681-public TCID:184145 has stopped wo...

Vrally by Protege
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Tracking glitches if camera isn't static

The problem is that camera tracking only works reliably if the camera is completely static in space. It is assumed so, but that's not always the case, such as on motion platforms. When camera is set in motion, the tracking tends to snap around wildly...

raidho36 by Explorer
  • 3 replies
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GTX880M Service Crashes on DK2

Hi,I have just receive my DK2 today, and i have followed all instruction in setting it up.When i was about to run Show Demo Scene (Direct Mode)The demo scene just disappear and come up with an error message "Service Crashed"Exception InfoException re...

Windows keeps seeing DK2 as Monitor in Direct mode. Shim err

Hello All. I will post longs soon but I am running Runtime and having serious issues with the DK2 being seen buy Nvidia and Windows as an extra monitor while in direct rendering my Unity apps useless. I looked for hours and tried many things....

mlnDb10wN by Honored Guest
  • 2 replies
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No screen on Direct and Messed up on Extended

Hi,Just got the DK2 today but I'm having problems.1. Camera is not found 2. Direct mode the orange light just stays lit even with 0.4 SDK apps running (doesn't got blue and no screen shown)3 Extended mode the screen just seems messed up or blurryCoul...

Black screen with runtime 0.6.0

Everything worked fine in the previous version, but in 0.6.0, all I get is a black screen in either mode. Whether it is the oculus config demo world, or my UE4 project doesn't make a difference.{ "Time": "2015-05-25_09:29:05", "SDK Version": "

BlackFang by Honored Guest
  • 13 replies
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Service Unavailable. DK2.

Let me start by saying that I am a huge noob at stuff like this. Anyway, I was following a YouTube tutorial about how to set up my DK2, and got all the way to the "Show Demo Scene" part after creating a user-profile.Everything is plugged in correctly...

[Solved] GLXBadDrawable under Linux

Hi all,My DK2 arrived yesterday and I'm in the process of getting it up and running under Linux. I can get a picture on the Rift without any problem, but I can't get the SDK demos to work - so far only a WebGL example has given me any sort of experie...

DK2 Screen black... Dead?

HeySince yesterday my DK2 screen stopped working. I already checked all cables, the DK2 is perfectly recognized by the computer, but the screen stays black. Neither extended nor direct mode change anything about that. And it did work in this very con...

Runtime error for W7 64

Yet another Runtime error for W7. so I am trying to install Runtime, but the software aborts as it claims I need to install SP1... But i have it installed already, bot for some reason the software won't acknowledge it... 

Varge by Honored Guest
  • 7 replies
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Oculus Runtime + Service not working. Help?

So I've had an oculus rift dk2 for quite a while now, and I just started getting into playing games with it again, and my oculus runtime, when I open it, says the service is disconnected, and in the help logs says this : Display Driver Version: C:\WI...

Playmode working intermittently

Hello all,Using Unity 5.1.1p4, runtime 6.0, utilities: When attempting to run playmode, the HMD tracking works fine every time, however it only displays on the Rift after stopping and starting the service and only works once before another reset is n...

Oculus Direct Mode Blue Screen of Death

If this isn't the correct forum for this issue then please tell me.Whenever I have to restart my display adapter while I'm running the Rift DK2 in direct mode I get an instant blue screen of death. This does not happen when I'm running it in extended...

Ogreveins by Honored Guest
  • 6 replies
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OVR Service Wont Run/Nothing Works

Just got my DK2 today, watched a few tutorials then set it up. All blue lights and the rift is on until I install the runtime for windows. When I installed that, now I get an orange light. I open up the config utility and it says "Service Unavailable...

Repeated errors in event view but all appears to be working

I see two errors appearing repeatedly in the event viewer. One is critical which isEvent 0, OculusVRThe description for Event ID 0 from source OculusVR cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local comput...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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