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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

dk2 - ghosting and lens reflections

Hi, first of all I just want to express how exiting it is to be able to muck around with DK2 at last. I was up late last night but was still very excited to get up again this morning just to go into to the tuscany demo and experience that remarkable ...

Fredrum by Expert Protege
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SDK DisplayShim Code

After a while of trying to figure out why my DK2's display would not activate when I disabled time warping in the SDK distortion rendering, I realized that the ovrHmd_GetTrackingState function has this line of code in it:Win32::DisplayShim::GetInstan...

braindx by Honored Guest
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Judder for Direct, not for Extended

DK2, latest firmware, 64bit service running. Demo scene in Config utility works flawlessly.Unity demos (Kikori Forrest, Ghibli, Tuscany) exported with the latest (4.0) SDK - work flawlessly with positional tracking in Extended, but in Direct to Rift ...

Very blurry except when looking straight on

Hi,I'm having a problem with the DK2 screen being very blurry or jaggy unless I'm directly looking at it. So when I move the blur is very apparent. This happens more so in extended mode than direct mode however. Elite dangerous I can barely see the t...

Tracking Camera causes OVRService_x64 to stop working

I am running a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1 x64 with no other drivers except video card. The Oculus Configuration Utility will run and as soon as it "sees" the Rift HMD it will error out with a "OVRService_x64.exe has stopped working". It literally...

Admin issue with DK2

I don't run my windows 8.1 computer in administration mode, for security reasons. After installing the runtime for the DK2 and restarting, there was an issue running the Oculus server when the config utility started up. After navigating the the oculu...

gltovar by Honored Guest
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Reduced 0.4.0 OpenGL example code sought!

Just about to receive my DK2 and want to get stuck in to development. Game programming/OpenGL always scares me but I usually get somewhere eventually.Can anyone provide an 0.4.0 SDK example that is just a basic, raw OpenGL program with a rotating cub...

lmcd by Honored Guest
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[DK2] HDMI related yellow light

Hey there, I just got my DK2 today. Plugged it in, got a blue light for everything, my Windows display settings recognized the Oculus.Realized I needed the Oculus Runtime 0.4, downloaded and isntalled. Restarted computer. Now nothing I do can get the...

shazbot by Honored Guest
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DK2 Day 1 issues

Using Windows 7, Lenovo Y580 with GEFORC GTX 660M / Intel HD Graphics 4000. DL'd SDK from 7/28/141. Update firmware is 'critical', yet, nowhere to be found. The config util looks for *.ovrf, but I see none in the SDK zip. Did I miss something? My FW ...

DaveA by Honored Guest
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Suddenly Losing tracking (DK2)

Suddenly my DK2's tracking have gone completely crazy and is just flipping and spinning around wildly.The config demo scene has been working fine for a few hours but now suddenly it is completely broken.I'm not aware that I have changed anything, no ...

Fredrum by Expert Protege
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DK2 Resource folder not found

Using today's version of everything (July 28, 2014), every time I restart my machine, a small window simply says 'Error' in the title, and 'Resource folder not found' (something like that). Task manager says it's the Oculus Confi Utility. This does n...

DaveA by Honored Guest
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Connecting camera causes crash

My DK2 works fine as long as I don't plug the camera in.If I go to the Config utility with the camera disconnected, the DK2 will be detected, and it will show the sensor serial. I can run the demo scene and tuscany, no problem.The config utility says...

SOLVED! Win7 OVRService crashes when I plug in DK1 HDMI

EDIT: I have solved this. It's caused by an EDID_OVERRIDE in the registry (for overclocking the DK1's refresh rate). See the post further down.  I've worked out some parts of the problem...I can start the system tray icon by running C:\Program Files...

2EyeGuy by Adventurer
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DK1 Direct Mode doesn't work with screen recording software

When running screen video capture applications with Direct Mode with DK1 in OculusWorldDemo in SDK 0.4.0, I encounter a variety of issues including crashes and bad recordings. (This may be because screen capture is unsupported in Direct Mode, but I a...

Only works in "duplicate these displays" mode

Using SDK 0.4.0, DK1I'm having an issue with content displaying on my monitor, not the Rift.It happens in both Rift Display Modes:Computer set at: Show "desktop only on 1" (monitor)Rift Display Mode: Direct HMD Access from Appsand Computer set at: Ex...

Kaibosh by Honored Guest
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Alignment issues 'hiding' the OpenGL texture ID member

I'm working on updating the Java bindings for 0.4.x, and I've discovered something that's been causing me problems. It looks like the default alignment for the structures used in unions (in order to provide a consistent API for both DirectX and OpenG...

jherico by Adventurer
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IPD not set

I all the Unity based demos I tried (including my own), the IPD is always the default value and ignores what I set in the Configuration Utility. Is there a way to fix this?

Elecman by Explorer
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low persistence issue, help needed

Seems i fix one problem and then i get another. Currently the SDK demos of tiny room and tuscany work correctly and i get low persistence, no blur and its smooth. hitting solid 75 fps on top setting. according to ingame FPS menu.On other demos like r...

ajames123 by Honored Guest
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Camera detected OVRService_x64.exe stops, work around

While the clever chaps at Oculus work diligently to resolve this and several other issues I have a work around for others with this problem.It is NOT perfect but may get your development up and running at least a little bit.First connect up camera bu...

unclebob by Honored Guest
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A complete beginner after a little guidance..

Hi..I'm hoping a kind soul here might be able to give me a little advice please. :?: The scenario:I've just recently started reading 'Jumping into C++' by Alex Allain & 'Beginning programming with C++ for dummies' by Stephen R Davis.I'm doing ok for ...

DK2 issues in extended mode

Hi guys received my DK2 yesterday. downloaded the runtime, plugged in all the cables and tried firing it up. went intothe OculusConfig tool ,works no problem but when I tried to use any other demo it doesn't workthere are some demos that has a config...

Time is One Hour Behind When I Login

The Forums display the correct time when I haven't logged-in, and show all the latest posts, but as soon as I Login, the forums display the time and messages from one hour before?So I have to stay logged out to see any current messages...My account i...

Unable to get a working image out of DK2

I have an Eyefinity setup (ATI 6970) and 3 monitors. I usually have issues getting the DK1 up and running as my GFX card cannot drive four displays simultanously. I usually set my desktop to one monitor only, and clone the DK1.With DK2, I cannot get ...

Samiad by Honored Guest
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SDK 0.4 issues

Tested on DK1, Win 7, 64 bit, 780ti, Unity 4.5, 32 bit exe build:-The configuration utility of v0.4 did not detect the DK1. After I manually started the OVRService_x64.exe service, it did work. -Alt-tab crashes a game if the DirectToRift version is u...

Elecman by Explorer
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SDK 0.2.4 keeps crashing on windows 7

Hi!Yeah - I know...sdk 0.2.4 is super old now as the dk2 just arrives. But I wanted to show the DK1 to my parents - the machine I can use is a ASUS Laptop with enough power to handle easy demos with a NVIDIA 310M gpu. I have installed latest nvidia d...

ad2003 by Honored Guest
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Super Low Res - when using 'Direct to Rift' on project

Hey,So after a couple of issues - had to switch off DX11 and re-import my assets into a new project to get OVR stuff working - I now have a new problem.The 'choose resolution/quality' box does not come up before launching the Unity-exported project. ...

Direct to Rift - Refresh Rate

In extended the Rift is detected as a monitor. When in use I can change the refresh rate.In Direct to Rift it is not, and I get flickering as I cannot change it. Any ideas?

SimpleTexturedQuad not compiled in Visual Studio 2013

In the latest SDK (0.4.0), the Visual Studio 2013 project is missing the custom build tool definitions for SimpleTexturedQuad_ps.psh and SimpleTexturedQuad_vs.vsh As such, this shader doesn't properly get recompiled when building.I've attached a diff...

Magnetic calibration

With SDK 0.4.0, it fails every time before reaching the end of the calibration phase.This may not have anything to do with 0.4.0 but I've always been able to complete the calibration process successfully before.One thing I've always wondered though. ...

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