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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Problem with Asgards Wrath 2( Bug )

Hey, so I have this problem where when I try to give Horus the green Maat stone, after I finished the boss fight with the big crocodile dude, it always goes back to my inventory when I put it in his hands, pls Help! @meta


I can not sing in to my Instagram account djedovic_admir,my old email adress is blocked to much time put wrong password because i forget it! My Instagram profile is connected and synchronised with my Facebook profile Admir Djedovic ...

Facebook Session Expired

I get the Facebook Session Expired message when I try to log in to Occulus on my phone to use in a Samsung Gear VR headset. Is there a solution to this?

Quest 2 Black Screen with sound

Help needed! Quest 2: Headset Version 50623410060800150I went to use my headset and the screen is black (but lit up) but i can hear the sound during the guardian set up. The proximity sensor seems to be working, when i put the headset on it it beeps,...

Quest 2 air link keeps disconnecting

my PC definitely meets the requirements to be able to use vr apps through my pc. but in the pc app it says my computer does'nt meet the requirements but still lets me launch vr. it will only work for about 2 minutes before saying air link connection ...

Vram usage so high!

The oculus app uses so much vram! I cant even play my games properly. VD does a very good job at not even using a GB of vram usage. Please fix this Meta!

Population one

Population one - both of my children have oculus quest 2, both are set over 13, they have both requested access to population one, they have both been granted access to play but it will not play on their headsets. Simply states request sent. Tried re...

meta 3 will not let online apps work

i've had my vr for a since jan 1st and had no issues until tonight. I have the meta charging dock and when i got off vegas infinite last night i put it on the stand and went to bed. Came home form work today and nothing online will load. Not the hori...

iamKnull by Honored Guest
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quest 3 link bandwidth reset

I've encountered an issue with my Quest 3, which I'm using via Airlink. In an effort to optimize performance, I adjusted the bandwidth settings, but post-application, I've noticed significant distortions in the Quest link dashboard. The interface is ...

No command

I am trying to factory reset my vr due to the fact that it keeps restarting over and over and when I use the commands to factory reset it shows up no command

6alencii by Honored Guest
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How can I transfer files from Meta Quest 3 to PC

Hello.I am trying to transfer videos from my Meta Quest 3 to my PC, but the folder is empty when it is not, I have a few videos in the videoshot carpet, I can even watch them in the glasses, but when I open it from my PC, the folders are empty.Any so...

Resolved! Referral link issue

Hey there,I am really wanting to buy a quest 2 as all my friends have them. One of my friends explained the referral links and how it works. yet the link is not working. No matter which of my friends give me a link it comes up with thisUnable to acce...

Q3 Turning off after 18 seconds of inactivity

i got a q3 for christmas, and recently left it uncharged for 7 days. now, after using the quest for 18 seconds, it will turn off. i have just factory reset it and it still doesn’t work. after i reset it the same thing happens

purchases not showing purchased on oculus

I have a parent account for my child. I purchased two games for him and neither one will allow download on the oculus. On the oculus it states "waiting for parent approval" even though on my end it says purchased and approved. I don't know anything a...

Pass through quality new quest 3

My pass through is so bad I can’t read my wrist watch, the clock on the oven, a book, and all screens are blown out and are unable to see anything other than shapes. When recording the pass through is great, but live it’s unusable. Did get a defectiv...

OG.Salty by Honored Guest
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game code

my friend bought me a game on quest 2 and for some reason it says "This code doesn't exist. Check email and try again." when he just bought it and it is

TLBandit by Honored Guest
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I expect you to die

When i was trying to get out the box it would only let me get rid of the left and right caps on the shower head things. no matter what i did it wouldn't let me take it off the front cap. What do i need to do?

Unable to update my child's date of birth.

Hi, I am trying up update my child's date of birth within the Family center, however I am getting the following message."Couldn't update Colton's birthday We weren't able to update your child's birthday. Please contact customer support."Any idea on w...

Freezes while recording on v60

Hey, recently after updating my Quest 2 from v57 to v60 i encounter a rly horrible issue when i start recording in any single app or even outside just i the menu. When i start recording every single mouvement of my head make the screen freezing and j...

Oculus won’t turn on

I’ve tried rebooting it and nothing, tried leaving it on a charger and it won’t turn on it stays on a black screen

juan14170 by Honored Guest
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Secondary Parent-Managed Accounts for Quest Headsets

Hello,We have a few requests regarding secondary, parent-managed accounts on Quest headsets.My son uses a secondary, parent-managed account on our Quest 2. Can we please have the ability as parents to approve his friends in vr. This way they can call...

Addressing a quest 3 pc link issue

hi, if anyones having trouble linking there quest 3 to pc using a link cable do this, it worked for me To further check on this, please manually assign the GPU: You can use Windows to manually assign which GPU is used by a specific process. This shou...

muckyx by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Save game on Asgards wrath 2

I’m struggling to find such a simple answer. My son is playing Asgards wrath 2 and he doesn’t seem to know how to save his progress between levels. He’s really put off from playing as he dies on floor 9 and has to start over on floor 1 again. his gam...

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