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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Missing game

So basically I bought a game (blade & sorcery) but I cant see it in my vr applications library (I bought the game through the meta app)

Resolved! Horizon Workrooms Question

I’m planning to a Horizons Workroom meeting, but leveraging the Zoom functionality.Question: If I create a meeting via Zoom, adding a Horizon Workroom to the meeting, then send that meeting to someone---- and then, that person forwards the meeting to...

Not enough memory to play gorilla tag

Hello, whenever I play gorilla tag, it ends up kicking me from the game and saying I don't have enough memory to play it. However, I checked this, and I should have enough. I'm confused to why I get kicked when I have enough memory. I tried uninstall...

Quest Pro Controllers won't charge

I have a Meta Quest Pro. It was working finw when I got it a year ago. I pulled it out again after many months, but the controllers wouldn't charge on the dock. Seince I could charge the headset directly without the dock, I ardered a controller charg...

kleinimp by Honored Guest
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2 headsets, 2Kids, one me (with admin account)

Hi All, purchased 2 headsets for Christmas for the kids, I have setup admin accounts as primary (my own) on each headset, installed a game and was able to share this on one headset but not the other. Is this right? I thought I would have been able to...

Resolved! Quest App Pairing

I haven't been able to pair my Quest 2 to the mobile app. I have made sure that bluetooth is on, they are on the same wifi, they are both updated, and both devices are using the admin account. I have also tried and failed at doing a factory reset bec...

Debiting funds from my card

Hello, there was some transaction from my card on 05.01.2024 JPY748 mercahant FacebkPrtl Meta Stor> Dublin.Could you please clarify this situation and bring my money back.Thanks in advance!

Air link won't work

So, I've been using air link for the past 2 days and suddenly today it won't even so much as let me pair my headset. Every time I go to the quick settings to connect my headset, it gives me a popup saying "Something went wrong. try again". I have upd...

Iceium by Honored Guest
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Resolved! didn't get referral credit

so I sent my friend the link they went through the process as directed (the headset was pre bought but wasn't turned on just yet) and they got the $35 CAD but I didn't and everywhere I looked said to wait 7 days but I still haven't gotten it so I was...

Resolved! Need help with controller drift

I’ve tried everything meta said to do to fix the drift on my meta quest 2 controller, but nothing worked. I’ve tried cleaning it, cleaning the sensors on the headset, unpairing and repairing it, but none of those solutions worked. Dead zone can’t fix...

Xentical by Honored Guest
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Vader Immortal wont load

I have Vader immortal episode 2 for Rift and it played fine for a while. Now when I try to play it I get "Loading" screen but it never loads. Will not load and have to Ctrl+alt+del to end task. It says not responding. I have rebooted, uninstalled and...

My son's account was suspended

My son's Facebook and Oculus/Meta account was suspended. He does not have an ID, that Facebook was asking for, we have over $100 of content we cannot access anymore. How do we reverse this suspension? I've tried uploading my ID as well.

Trouble with account

Hi. My sons account was suspended due to he did not identify in a good enough way (he sent a picture of his passport, still not good enough). What can we do when he is not old enough to have a facebook account (12 years old) and meta are asking him t...

TMK1990 by Honored Guest
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Controllers disappear as soon as an app starts in Quest Link

I am trying to launch apps and games thru Quest Link on my pc with a wired connection. The controllers work to navigate the store but as soon as I try to launch anything, Google Earth as an example, my hands disappear and there is no way to interact ...

Eltron904 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Virtual Desktop says "not on same network"

So...I want to use VD for wirelessly streaming, but I'm suffering from an issue:My PC connects to wired router(which connects to wired work LAN).I also need to run an APP to log in with my work account so I can access the Internet.And my Quest connec...


While playing Gorilla Tag, I can’t get my voice to work… what can I do to fix this???

Oculus quest 2 support

Hi, I bought the quest2 in October 2021 it's been well looked after in a case, used not very often, recently the left controller is not working. It won’t connect, but the right one is fine. today I’ve tried a factory reset, still can’t get controller...


Help! Noone can hear me on any app. I have rebooted, checked settings, even did factory reset. Nothing. I miss talking to my team mates, so please help!!!

Wont let me download my game

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I bought superhot vr on the app and it won't let me install it on my quest 2 and it won't even let me try to repurchase it in the store on the quest. I bought superhot vr on the app and it won't let me install it on my ques...

Meta Quest 2 standalone microphone problems

I have had my Quest 2 for almost 2 years now, I’m not sure if this is due to how long of use but i thought id seek help here. My microphone is currently not working and I've tried troubleshooting it. I’ve tried resetting the headset, updating and eve...

Un_Masked by Honored Guest
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Sharing Aps with child under 12

I have 2 children, one is 13 and the other 11. The 13 year old does not have the same restrictions as the 11 year old and we can't seem to ap share with the 11 year old. Two questions - is there a way that both kids can play on the apps at the same t...

Batwest by Honored Guest
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Left Lens screen will flicker then go black

I got my quest 2 on Christmas and enjoyed it for one day before the left screen started flickering for a few minutes then went to black. I contacted Oculus customer support and made a ticket. Turning it off and leaving it for an hour or two would fix...

Need Help

I need some help with a shipping issue i had, i ordered a meta quest 3 over a month ago had a shipping issue and contacted meta support immediately to try and resolve it they told me they would look into it and contact me within 24-48hrs I waited and...

bony161 by Honored Guest
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trouble setting up oculus 1

Hi Everyone,I bought the old Oculus 1 for my son to give him a VR experience and judge it is something worth spending more on in the future. However, I cannot get is set up for the life of me. It has a USB coming from headset. Every time I try to dow...

Quest 2 right controler won't pair to my headset

Right controler either has 1 fast blink, sos blink, or 2 blinks. All in white. I just opened box 12/23. Left controler fine. I have tried pair/unpair multiple times, restarting headset, rebooting headset, check/change batteries, leave batteries out b...

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