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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! Is the Quest 3 region/continent locked?

Hi, I am currently in Japan and I am looking to buy an oculus quest 3. I live in Portugal, where the quest 3 isn’t sold without its game bundle.My question is will I run into any issues if I purchase my quest in japan and use it in portugal/london? h...

Resni. by Honored Guest
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Having trouble connect to my old account

I log off on my app meta quest 2 and now I’m trying to connect back again and it’s not letting mei made a different account by accident I need my son account he gots game and he got a 50 dollar gift card on his account!! On his headset it’s is accoun...

quest 3 controllers disconecting after v60 update

Having a weird issue with quest 3 controllers disconnecting after version 60 update. This happens when I'm close to my wireless router. This was not happening before the update. Note, this is not Tracking loss the controllers actually disconnect from...

Peteo by Expert Protege
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Resolved! Stuck in camera

I haven’t used my device much but upon turning it on, the view is stuck in the black and white image of my room. I have restarted, ensured internet is connecting but am hesitant to factory reset being that I cannot backup the data. Welcome screen sta...

Branbal by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Black faded ring Quest 3

When I play on my quest 3 and use my joycons to move around like in asgarth wrath 2 or Roblox vr, There’s a black outline on the edge of my screen fading into the middle of the screen, I’ve tried resetting it but it did not seem to fix it. I would ki...

Resolved! Question- regarding PCVR game

So let’s say I wanna buy this rift game. When I want that rift game, I don’t have a rift because it says I didn’t set up rift and don’t have a gaming pc. What happens if you buy rift game on the quest 2 without a pc and a rift? Can I refund it if it ...

jtdogelp by Honored Guest
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I can't make any purchases in-game

I've opened a ticket for FB support and for more than 2 weeks no response, no estimation when the issue will be solved. Almost all of my friends has no issues. When I run FBInstant.getSupportedAPIs() I have no payment values at all (also

Charging me for a game i have bought

my purchase history is saying I have not bought any games since factory reseting my oculus, I have tried relogging back in and still the game wants me to buy it. What shall I do?

Jacko2022 by Honored Guest
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Meta app wrong Facebook account

the meta quest app keeps going to the wrong Facebook account, when I select "not you" there is no option to enter the correct Facebook account. would appreciate any help I was able to switch accounts yesterday. Now I am on a different device instead ...

Resolved! Persistent Issues with Oculus Quest 2

Hello everyone,I've been experiencing ongoing issues with my Quest 2. This is my second Quest 2 headset, and unfortunately, I'm facing the same problems as before.Initially, I used the headset primarily for playing Beat Saber via SteamVR. Suspecting ...

Teestaub by Honored Guest
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Simple explanation of multi accounts and/or headsets?

Trying to get an idea how this all works. FAQ is very ambiguous.Im looking into buying a quest 3 to replace my kids quest 2. And then give the 2 to his best friend.keeping primary on quest 3?keeping purchased games?should the games be shared? (Keep t...

V_J_T by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Asgard’s wrath 2 preorder bonuses

Hello to all who’s reading this. I’ve recently purchased a quest 3 and I’ve heard that Asgards 2 comes with bonuses for preordering, but it won’t arrive till the 15th and the game release’s the 15th. Will I be able to still receive the rewards?

Resolved! Oculus MRC Mixed Reality Capture Giving Calibration Send Error

Hello, Im trying to find a solution to this error. Im not the only person getting it. I am trying to find the solution for a few of us who record using MRC.Every time we finish calibration, we get this error and we haven’t been able to find a way aro...

Help new quest 3 user.

I signed up to meta horizons and it’s pulled my email address from my Facebook the thing is I no longer have access to that email and Microsoft the unhelpful people won’t accept my security answers to reset the account anyway I log into my Facebook u...

IPC Connection Attempt Failed!

hey guys!About 3-4 days ago, my Oculus app has been acting VERY weird. This is the error I get: Sometimes, if I reboot my PC 20 times, I can get it to work. Ive tried: Uninstalling it, and manually deleting all oculus foldersDisabling windows firewal...

TheZombieSurvivalist_0-1634679700942.png TheZombieSurvivalist_1-1634679720486.png

[SOLVED] VR and webcam non-functional

A few months ago, both my Alienware 15 webcam and (I found a few months later) my Oculus Rift S failed to work.I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers, my software etc. and nothing worked. The system restore wouldn't work because the last da...

Resolved! Is meta quest 3 compatible with the RTX 3060 laptop?

Hello, I would like to know if Meta Quest 3 is compatible with RTX 3060 Laptop. My laptop has the following characteristics: MSI Katana GF66 12UE-091XES Intel Core i7-12700H/16GB/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB/15.6" Thank you, regards

Torredno by Honored Guest
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Two meta accounts with same email?

Factory Reseted my oculus rift 2, but created a new account over my old account once logged in as if I didn’t have an account with my email.

Inspire by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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Referral brand new headset

I bought a new headset for my son. I sent him a referral link which he accepted before we started the new headset. In his account the referral worked but I don't seem to be getting any 30 dollar referral on my account and nor is he. What do we need t...

Quest 3 returned due to display defect

Unfortunately I have had to return the Quest 3. I had a display defect, right eye, with a permanent white 'speck' of some kind always in the same spot on the display. Right in my eyeline. It was visible on lighter backgrounds.I have ordered another t...

One month later - No refund - Support is all bots

Meta support is the worst there is. Returned my meta quest 3 x2 a month ago, and still have not received my money back. Been a constant headache trying to receive help through support, who all sound like bots . I keep getting told to wait 3-5 busines...

Resolved! Failed to delete Point cloud data

I'm trying do delete point cloud data that was shared before and all i get is this error. It's been like this for 2 days already. Can someone shed a light on this?


Cannot play any games- 6 digit code no visible to proceed

Hello! When my son turns on his headset this is what it states:Remove headset and go to on mobile or desktop, log into meta account, with facebook account and when prompted enter this code. We cannot scroll down at all to see the code...

DRKSPIRIT by Honored Guest
  • 3 replies
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Scam $499.99

There was a transaction made in Meta not by me. Can I get some help here?

markmajak by Honored Guest
  • 4 replies
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