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Resolved! (Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course the...

New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Resolved! My Meta Quest 2

Hello all,i really love my meta quest 2 128GB ,but i am looking at purchasing a battery pack that plugs in underneath the Elite Strap i am using,could you help me here?

Resolved! How to make Oculus Control Panel /Screen larger

When you first put on the Oculus headset and press “explore” you get a screen that shows up. When I first started that screen was large and appeared about 4 to 5 feet away from me. Somehow the screen shrunk and appeared about 1.5 feet away from me. I...

KilmarQ by Honored Guest
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Not letting me login

I attempt to login on the app on my phone then it tells me to enter in my recovery code or authenticator app Code I try to do both of them and nothing works. I have to use a different account to try to get help on this

Quest 3 shipping

So I pre-ordered a quest 3 and accidently put the wrong street.. I put circle instead of court and wanted to edit it.. no way of editing it and contacting meta, nobody could help me edit my shipping address.. so I tried to cancel it, it's not even in...

Horizon Worlds on PC?

Hi i have Horizon Worlds on Quest 2, I would like to know where i can get the pc installation exe so i can run it through pc via ocu link or virtual desktop to get better quality sounds for the world I'm building, placing a speaker near the mic is no...

Resolved! Oculus Air Link Virtual Desktop Black Screen

So I just updated to v28 and wanted to try out air link. When I go to use the virtual desktop (Oculus version in Home) I just get a black screen. I can see mouse cursor moving around but nothing else. The rest of home is still visible around the blac...

Resolved! Quest 3 disappeared from devices in IOS app on iPhone.

I was able to add and set up my Quest 3 with no issues. But now the Quest 3 is gone from devices. It did show up in devices and looked fine. It keeps asking me to set up the headset, but none of the options work since it is already set up. I also hav...

Gene357 by Protege
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Asgard's Wrath Keeps Crashing

Hey, new comer here,In fact I've had my Quest 2 since the end of 2020 and although I had started this game a while ago, I had put it aside and just resumed playing it a few days ago. Well, I'm trying to start a new game and it's always crashing durin...

Resolved! Broken Screen?

I just received my rift a few days ago, and while testing out my UDK scene with it the screen went black. I have gotten the black screen a few times, and have just had to restart my PC with the rift attached to fix it, this time that does not seem to...

Resolved! Order Cancelled several times - Quest 2

Hi,About 2 weeks ago I've ordered the Quest 2 with Elite Strap (There's currently a 50% off special offer on accessories). The day after I receive an email that the order has been cancelled. I tried ordering again a few times with PayPal and credit c...

Dootchi by Honored Guest
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Can't Cast to Developer Application

I'm in the developer application, and I have the Quest Pro Connected to my PC via a USB-C data cable. When I try to cast to the computer is get the error message copied below. I also see a connection error message pop up on the headset simultaneously...

cast error.png

Link cable not detecting

i got a quest 2 for Christmas, along with a third party link cable with a usb 2 on one end along with a usb 3 on the other. when i go to use the oculus pc app to connect my quest 2, it wont detect a connection. on the actual quest, it brings up a pro...

tjmen25 by Honored Guest
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Oculus app won't show camera for quest 2 casting

trying to cast my quest 2 onto my Android tablet but it says it's casting but leads me back to the home app screen how can I see the camera? It worked yesterday, but for the love of me I forgot where I found the solution and I'm getting a bit frustra...

Resolved! Can't buy anything from the Meta Store

I previously had a Rift about 5-6 years agoYesterday I received my Quest 3 and it's greatProblem is that no matter what I put as my payment method in the settings, when I go to buy something it tries to use my credit card from 5-6 years ago (back in ...

Cannot Buy Items in Store

I keep trying to buy Bone Lab for my son and it keeps giving me an error and will not purchase. It is on an account with no parental permissions and I have tried a gift card, PayPal, and credit card. This is insane.

Screenshot_20231013_181927_Meta Quest.jpg

Class Action Lawsuit?

So I spend hundreds of dollars on a VR headset, another couple hundred on games and my unit is useless? I can redownload apps that disappeared yesterday but now I have to PAY FOR THEM AGAIN? What a scam! Just let me redownload the games I already pai...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Drop Dead Load Issue

So I have a Rift S and for years I played and enjoyed the game Drop Dead...I just setup my rift again and went to login into Drop Dead but the game on load just crashes and never starts.I googled everything I could to find a fix this but there just w...

Resolved! How to Hide Controller Models ? - Quest 2

I would like to hide / disable the display of the controller models at will. I believe there ought to be a setting to hide the controller models, and this is apparently not the case. Please correct me if I'm wrong.Taking out the batteries is not a su...

dockchar by Explorer
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not eligible for Quest 2 Silicon cover?!

so, have had my Quest 2 for a year and a half now and discovered my cover had been lost. no big deal, but it was definitely much more comfortable and better to use with it. i tried to redeem one of the free ones they offer but i wasn’t eligible! i’ve...

Zadinx by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Meta Quest App-mobile- not connecting to device or controllers

hi so i'm having this issue where the app on my phone isn't allowing me to access the headset settings and the keyboard. it's grayed out but when it first happened and i uninstalled it was perfectly fine. now this: my headset isn't connected. it is. ...

Change email - Verify code not recieved

We have several Quest 2 headsets, and we used personal email addresses when we created Meta accounts to activate each headset.We now are in the position that we have access to email accounts created on our company/university email system.I have logge...

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