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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

I've Been Hacked

My account's been hacked by a guy named 'wspxmc' and attempted to spend 100+ dollars on it. I need it back as I've spent so much money on it. The display name is wspxmc and the normal name (they didn't change) is still if I manage to get i...

Resolved! Horizon worlds issue

Good evening! Is anyone having trouble accessing Horizon Worlds? It’s showing the old login screen and when I try to click something it says unable to load content. It also gave a message that if this continues to login to

PC Oculus Store issues, unable to download most past titles:

This is becoming very tiring. My entire library for PC is gone once again with all purchased titles in the store greyed out so they can't be downloaded. My library was showing up and redownloaded for about a year and now gone once again. This is a di...

shogunmn by Heroic Explorer
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Assistance needed in my account with code

Hi! Haw can I remove old account from my VR and get new account There is sending me 8 digit code and asking for email is sending me 6 digits code and when sending other on my phone i don’t receive Is been a month try and didn’t work

Resolved! No Command error after booting device

So I just got a oculus quest 3 Not too long ago on nov 9th 2023 And I went into usb update mode because something went wrong with my headset so I clicked boot device but then I got a error saying no command And the side led was purple I was only pres...

Birb1533 by Expert Protege
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I cant see anything in my oculus quest 2

I just bought oculus quest 2 headset, but i'm having trouble with it, all i can see is like grey in the screen (anyways here are the images), i have tried everything i could find like restarting them and any other method, but as i can't see anything ...

Assadoss by Honored Guest
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Quest 3 stuck on "Continue setup on mobile app"

I can't do anything with my Quest 3.My mobile app is stuck on this screenWhile my headset is stuck on I can't connect to wifi.I can't go back on the headset and I can't pair to my phone because it's stuck on that screen.I also can't factory reset as ...

Dzuari_0-1701820402333.png Dzuari_1-1701820488501.png
Dzuari by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't rollback from v66 PTC to v65

Hi, so i was messing around with v66 ptc and decided to rollback to v65, i removed myself from ptc and factory reset multiple times but its just stuck on v66. What can i do?

viyuuu by Honored Guest
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Issue with meta quest 2

I need help with a issue so I factory reset my headset to sell it to someone cause I have no use into it and it’s telling them to do this on the headset or contact the third party seller cause it’s saying it still connected to me after I factory rese...

QGHM by Honored Guest
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Resolved! bought game on meta quest app not showing on pc app

I bought ghost of tabor on the metaquest app and i went to see if i could play it on the pc app and other people i talked to said it would cross over and it worked for them but when i opened the app i dont see ghost of tabor and i am logged into the ...

Maseberg by Honored Guest
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I'm having a problem with the Airlink not working

I've looked on here for the fixes on the forum that have worked for others, and none worked. I've reinstalled the app on my computer, repaired the program on my computer. I'm attempting to reconnect the headset to the computer, but it still shows my ...

Meta should add support for AirLink on Linux

Right now some of the firmware used for AirLink is windows exclusive, which completely inhibits the use of wireless VR on Linux! While the Linux community may be small major developments by companies like Valve have made gaming on OS entirely viable....

Airlink button not showing

i tried everything and it still dosent show the airlink button and im trough ethernet connected to the same wifi reinstalled it 5 times and did and looked on the internet but i cant get it

Filip_YT by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Asgards Wrath wont calibrate on Quest 3

I just installed Asgards Wrath and I get to the first screen for calibration and nothing happens. The screen says to pull the trigger on the right controller but I have tried both controllers and zilch. I guess thats why it is free. :>)

RioBlue by Honored Guest
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Change Horizon Username within 6 months

I have had my account suspended on Yeeps Hide and Seek. Thee reason being is that they state my username 'AutisticVR2018' is offensive!I am medically diagnosed with ASD/Autism and want others i play with to be aware of this... hence the username.Due ...

Quest 2 left controller not connecting

I urgently need assistance with my Oculus Quest 2 controller. I had my left controller replaced two months ago, and it was working fine until now. Recently, it started disconnecting mid-game. Initially, it would vibrate at one-second intervals, brief...

OPxHARDIK by Honored Guest
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Folder transfer to Quest aborts after about 3 GB

Hey, i am trying to transfer a mod which is about 6 GB big to my quest, sadly after about 3 GB there is a short notification sound from my Windows explorer, without an explicit error message and the transfer stops.When i try to retry it and chose to ...

Labi25 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Quest 3 controllers won't charge on Charging Dock

Hi We two quest 3 headset's and use the quest docking station.. when we try to charge the controllers all We're getting is the green/yellow flashing light on all four controllers and they don't charge.(the headset charges fine). I've tried different ...

espley by Honored Guest
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! No warranty for my new Meta Quest 3

I bought a new Quest 3 through Amazon (DE) and activated it in the app. However when I checked the device in my account, it says : "Your device is not covered by warranty or the warranty has already expired." Could there be a mistake?

dagewang by Explorer
  • 16 replies
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Resolved! Unable to change environments in the updated meta workrooms app

After the latest update on the meta workrooms app, I am unable to change environments in the personal office nor in the co-working rooms. I am stuck in the new environment that came with the update! Am I missing something here?! It would be so sad if...

EMADYAGHI by Honored Guest
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Controllers won't turn on at all

Neither of my controllers will turn on even after batteries being changed out. Also tried the unpaired of controllers, but unfortunately can't pair cause they simply have no life at all even with new batteries.

DaDoSoNe by Explorer
  • 11 replies
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Resolved! Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications

Hey everyone,I know there have been a good amount of conversations about this on here but none of them have helped me so far, including the meta support team. I spent a month on an email chain with the support team with them telling me on repeat to e...

Software problem for PC

I have 80GB free in my C drive and 706GB in my D drive but when i open oculus setup it comes up with english i put continue, terms and services i press continue, then not enough space? I have a GEFORCE RTX 4070 TI and plenty of storage. Bought my vr ...

Tlanez by Honored Guest
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Pro Controller stuck updating

got my Quest Pro controllers today and paired them to my headset (Quest 2), however I can't use them and a little pop up saying "Controller update in progress (Left 0%) (Right 0%)" keeps appearing evey 30 seconds, I left the controllers a while to up...

Where are my games?

A couple months ago I got a oculus and I bought around 7 games for 100-150$ and I play them, I haven’t played my quest in a couple of months and I come back and there gone, the App Store says I haven’t bought any of the 7 games but if I go into purch...

I need help with the Oculus app for PC

I downloaded the setup for the oculus PC app(multiple times) and when I go to open it and press yes to the Windows confirmation it shows up an error saying "Unable to start process" Can someone help?

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