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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Weird update

Last night I wanted to go on my quest 2 but when I went on it I couldn't get my menu up and I was hearing the pass through sound. I tried to turn it of but when I did it said there was an update currently downloading but I still turned it of and back...

Lost access to Occulus account

Hi I haven’t logged into my email for awhile which was used for my Occulus account and it got deleted. Now I’m unable to login to Occulus either because it’s expired. I still have my Occulus username, old email address and my credit card tied to it. ...

dy.trying by Honored Guest
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Oculus stays in lobby

My oculus is charged and synced but when I turn it on I can’t see any apps or menu. If I cover up the sensors I can see everything. Weird! Please help!

TheDooley by Honored Guest
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Device damage

My Oculus is broken and can you please send me a new oculus 

Yfugou by Honored Guest
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How to unlink a suspended Facebook from my meta account

Hi! We used my Facebook to create a meta account for the oculus quest 2, and my daughter plays on the oculus all the time. I went to log into my Facebook and it’s been suspended because they now think I’m underage. How do unlink my meta account from ...

See your phone in vr

The ability to connect to your phone and see and interact with it in VR. This would be really helpful and easily done for Android users.

Suspended for being under 13 but I’m 36…

My daughter used our family oculus and did something that got our family oculus suspended for being under 13 and my social medias are suspended too. I can’t log in to dispute it, so what can I do to get my oculus account back?

Connects to PC, but crashes to home when initiating link

Finally found out about the bitrate setting which after increased this headset for once performed appropriately. But of course this being a meta product it has failed to connect ever since that day. I've spent all day messing with this S&*#$*&^ I wan...

Controller not working

My left controller is bugged! Every game I play my character auto-walks backwards. I recalibrated my controller and now it sometimes works but I can’t even move forward! I have tried changing batteries, clearing debris, recalibrating, powering off my...

Help With Air Link!

I Have Tried Every Possible Solution To Fix Air link, but None Of Them Has Worked!I Go on The Airlink in Quick Settings, And Then I Click On My Computer Which Says Not Connected All TimeAnd Then it Says Pair, I click on Pair and it changes To Connect...

Not charging

My VR won't charge even tho I have it plugged in after a few minutes the LED turns green and says 100% but when I unplug it then go's to 1% if I turn it on it dies before getting half way not sure what the problem is any help ???

Mr.ChiII by Honored Guest
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Unrecognized $179.99 subscription charges on my account

Hi, I've been charged with an unknown yearly $179.99 subscription that I did not request nor start.There is no trace of that in my purchase history across oculus/facebook/meta accounts.There is no chance anyone else around me could've made these purc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Meta Pro causing severe forehead/skin pain.

Greetings, I got my MQP yesterday and really haven't used it much because of very painful skin irritation using the forehead strap. It got so bad at one point that a red, angry welt formed on my forehead. The pain is still present. It's not a headach...

Puckertoe by Honored Guest
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Not able to log in to account

Hi, I'm not able to log it it just shows the log in screen and when you click log in it restarts and each time it repeats.. What do I do

tes420 by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Pro with link cable not stable with windows 11 laptop

We have been having issues with stability on connecting a Meta Quest Pro (or older Quest 1) VR glasses using a Meta Link Cable with a Windows 11 laptop with NVIDIA RTX 4080 graphics card.We have a similar set-up with Windows 10 systems with slightly ...

roalt by Honored Guest
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Resolved! I can't connect to my pc with air link (quest 2)

So after vacation I decided to play some VRThen I encountered a problem I couldn't connect to my pc (it says "no connection")I tried factory resetting my questreconnecting the internet on both devicesrestarting both of them multiple timesI tried to u...

Resolved! Broken controller

Hello meta I’ve had my oculus quest 2 for 2 years and it was very sad when my left controller broke I accidentally hit my controller on something. So I was wondering if you would please send me a new controller I would really appreciate it if you did...

wmonkevr by Honored Guest
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XBOX Controller + Air Link = A joke.

When XBOX Controller is going to be supported by Air Link not only directly linked to PC, but through headset (like VD)?I had a hope that Air Link made Virtual Desktop obsolete (No offense VD Developers, amazing job!) for games, but I've got big WTF ...

Elite Strap breaking?

Hey people. I ordered my Elite Strap and it's due to arrive in a couple days. But I have seen now 26 documented posts with photos of the plastic breaking - all in about the same spot. Is the strap OK? It's expensive enough that it should be really de...

Resolved! Find my purchased games after Factory reset

I need to exchange my Oculus quest 2 but to do so, I have to get all my personal information off of the Oculus . I want to be sure that I'll be able to get the games that I paid ( beats saber, Green hell and Stride) back, after I reset.

SRF_207 by Honored Guest
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Apps unresponsive

My Meta Quest 2 has stopped responding when clicking on the apps. It will let me use the tools and settings but not any games. I don’t want to do a factory reset as yet unless it’s a last resort. Can anybody help please?

L3ONAMO5 by Honored Guest
  • 5 replies
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Very strange happenings on my meta quest 2, please help!

I have 2 accounts on my oculus, most of my games were purchased on my first account but my secondary account became my main account because that's where my friends are. Recently I've been logging on to play vr fishing with friends and most of my game...

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