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Resolved! Known Issue - Meta Device Code Not Working

Everytime I have tried to add another accounts onto my quest 2 the device code on says "Invalid Device Code Request! Please try again!" I have factory reset my headset and done all troubleshooting methods.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Contacting Meta Quest Support & Collecting Logs

Should you encounter an issue or have any questions that would require you to contact Meta Quest Support, you can do so by heading to the support page ( Here, you can contact the support team via email or liv...

How to Report a Bug

As with any software, sometimes you will come across unintended bugs or glitches. When you come across an issue with a Quest product, you may want to report it directly to our Engineering team. You can do so directly from the desktop or mobile app. B...


New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Version 37 has broken AirLink for me.

Yesterday, My Oculus app on my PC automatically updated to version 37. My headset was still on version 35 for the update didn't roll out for me just yet. When i went to use airlink to play VRchat, it was constantly searching for my PC. Restarting my ...

The Worst Customer Service

I've had an open service ticket open since October 2021. No progress has been made on my ticket and I keep getting the same reply from customer service reps Rob and then I got handed off to ArthurA. I was asked to return everything in the original pa...

JMoney29 by Level 4
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Can't link Cards or Paypal on Quest or Go.

When my Debit Card link expired in 2020 I tried to link a new card and have not been able to do so. I've tried linking my new debit card, credit cards and PayPal all with no success. Support made some suggestions and I tried them all. All I can think...

Couldn't send Referral

Hi, I recently purchased my Oculus Quest 2, as I had a chance to try it at my friends. He was trying to send me a referral code, but the app says: "Couldn't send referral. We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Please try sending you...

Klem-S by Level 2
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Date changed to 2036

My quest 2 changed the date to 2036. Internet is not working. I don’t have SideQuest. How can I fix this?

skjarum by Level 2
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Oculus referral link

Hi I sent my friend the oculus referral link so he could show the link to his mom for him to order it and my friends oculus came in and me and him never got the store credit on his phone it says the referral link has already been used to activate a q...

Apps do not install oculus pc

I posted about this a week or so ago and yet there has been no fix, only temporary 'fix' I have is that I installed it on my headset alone, instead of using oculus link. Which is fine but at the end of the day I still would rather connect it to my pc...

Oculus controller drift

I got a quest 2 6 days ago and since the day I got it I've been having this drift on the right joystick that always drifts upwards or to the left, I initially thought this was a browser issue and I hadn't been experiencing it in any games up until ye...

Parental Controls

It's absolutely mind boggling to me that Meta doesnt have the option of parental controls on their VR devices. When mentioning this to their customer support I got the reply that these devices are intended for 13+ ages. As if a 13+ year old is able t...

Quest 2 Audio

We just purchased a new Quest 2 and all set up, however there is no audio coming from the headset, other than some cracking noises occasionally!This has nothing to do with any particular game, just no sound - not a great purchase to be honest

Oculus Game-streaming service

Why oculus would not make something like geforce now but for vrlikeyou launch game on app and streaming goes likeOculus servers > prop some steam servers for some game > your headsetso you dont need to pay 4k usd to play some games on your headset

Do I have a faulty headset OculusQuest 2?

I got my headset OculusQuest 2 through Amazon.I noticed after opening it and attaching the battery head strap that there was a scratch of some kind on the left lens first time using a VR headset. The image looked blurry ...

Oculus cv1 touch support to quest 2

So I recently had to order a replacement remote for my quest 2 right remote and support told me that it doesnt support the use of the oculus cv1 touch remotes which is ODD considering both are made by oculus and have same layout cept the halo sensor ...

Stationary boundary grid

Now when I play using stationary boundary when my hand gets close it shows a grid instead of before when I would need to walk out of my boundary to see things around me so i can't even move my arms around without seeing the grid is there any way I ca...

Resolved! Downloads restarting from scratch

I bought Asgard's Wrath. But now I'm unable to install. My internet is to slow to finish the 80GB till the next 24h reset. And after restarting internet or computer or Oculus app it always starts form zero instead resume where it left of. Is there a ...

Can't add additional account on Quest - grayed out

We have a Quest 1 and are having issues with adding a second account. My older son is set up as the admin. He does not have a FB account (we got this before you had to have an FB account linked). My younger son wants to add his account to the headset...

Quest 2 dropping guardian and controllers

Hi everybody oh, I'm new to this Quest me energy but I have need of your knowledge. Recently I picked up my quest to and installed be our cards and went to play it put the headset on and it freaked out between the past through and the VR world and th...

Black screen on left and right side (oculus quest 2)

Hi guys, we have the issue with our Oculus. If we run the games in the PC then we can see in the Oculus the black sides on the left and right with the white lines (wavy lines). Where there may be a issue?Thank you in advance for your help. Jaroslav

Recurring payment

I thought I bought walking dead, Pavlov, beat saver, and super hot but my credit card charge says recurring. How do I know if I bought the game or have a subscription. If a subscription, how do I stop it?

hdcuden by Level 2
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Ammunition problem in the game onward

Hello there, I'm having trouble with being able to pick up ammunition that has fallen to the ground in the game onward. I'm also also having trouble with finding more ammunition once I've run out. Thank you for your response

Oculus Promotioal Code

Dear Oculus, I bought Pistolwhip using my code WELCOME25. Around 6 hours after I purchased it, the game went on sale on Daily Deal. I can get a refund of the price I paid (22.50) but apparently I will not get my code back. However, had I waited just ...

Rulank by Level 3
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Oculus Link Cable Not Working

I have been using my Oculus Link cable for a while now and I have bought a new laptop I have been trying to play Phasmophobia on steam with the link cable and it doesn't show up that it is connected. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me kno...

Nunnaya by Level 2
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