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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

My oculus keeps glitching

I’m new to this but my oculus keeps glitching. It never used to do that before when I turn it on it glitches my controllers get stuck, when I try to point I can’t even Bluetooth it. It never used to do this before. Ever since my nephew took his accou...

Oculus quest 2 menu issue

Hi. I am having trouble with the oculus menu is opening and closing over and over. Could I please have help trouble shooting this issue.

Unknown sources

I cannot figure out how to allow unknown sources on my oculus quest two. It keeps telling me to go to settings, and then general, but there is no general option.

remdog3 by Honored Guest
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Saved video syncing not an option?

We are supposed to be able to synce any video we save to the oculus mobile app. But in files, there is no option to sync videos. It’s supposed to be under recents, I’ve checked and nothing is there. I’m able to export them to google drive, but it’s a...

glitchlo by Explorer
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Resolved! game purchase

Hi everyone, I purchase a game on my pc oculus meta account game was among us vr, and the game is not showing up in my vr, I purchase another game like 20 minutes before the same way and it showed up on my VR, has this happened to anyone else? and su...

askewj57 by Honored Guest
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On vient de m'échanger mon casque en garantie, mais je n'ai plus aucun jeu sur mon casque après avoir remis mon compte Facebook

Mathiku by Honored Guest
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Color distortion in air link only

 I just got the quest 2 and in airlink only after a few mins of playing any game it started to get distorted as seen in the picture. I used to have the quest 1 and never had this issue before. I have no clue what to do so any help would really be app...

y2kdjango by Honored Guest
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Low Headroom in game Despite high hardware headroom

Specs:GPU: RTX 2080 TI (tried OCed and no OC) 11GBProcessor: Ryzen 2700-X (no OC)RAM: 16 GB (3000 MHZ, dual confirmed by CPU-Z)MOBO: B-350 Gaming PlusOS: Windows 10 ProI have tried plugging directly into GPU with USB-C and plugged into MOBO with USB-...

Tacrob by Honored Guest
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Meta quest 2

Haven’t played the Oculus in a few months and I wanted to make a purchase but it said I had not setup meta quest 2, which is needed to play. So how do I do that when I thought everything was already setup??

troy723 by Honored Guest
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Pink "Filter" over display on Rift S

I've recently bought a Rift s Off of Ebay, and once i set it up, there was what id think to be as a visual glitch of sorts where the blacks would appear pink and whites would appear sort of Green-ish, I searched it up and was told it was the pink scr...

VuxxyXv by Honored Guest
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Can't access my meta account

  I got a meta quest 2 last year,but at the start of this year it broke.I accidentally deleted the oculus app off my phone. I tried logging back in but when I entered my email and password it asked me to either get sent a text or enter a code or some...

Screenshot_2023-07-25-12-49-22-13.jpg Screenshot_2023-07-25-12-49-26-05.jpg
Ajax31667 by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Pro applying update

Hi!The device has been in the process of updating for a two days now. The status bar initial start shows "applying update" and then it restarts and returns to the same state.

EltonJoe by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro Sensor issue

I tried to start the device, but neither of the controller's hands was tracked. I was wearing a headset, but outward-facing sensors light didn't turn on either. The headset can't track both hands and controllers, so I can't do anything. Please help m...

DigitekVR by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Replaced joystick

I noticed I had an excessive amount of stick drift in my right controller so I bought a replacement joystick to fix it. I took apart the controller replaced the joystick put it back together and although it doesn’t do the random movements anymore, th...

Headset Tracking

Whenever i turn on my headset, whenever i move my headset the menu thing when u press the oculus button just follows it and whenever i use my controllers they dont connect but keep lighting up, and i got a popup saying controllers and hand tracking d...

MO0NDR0P by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Headset not pairing to phone

Hi can someone please help with pairing my headset to my phone it keeps saying something went wrong and to try againe , I have done all troubleshooting!! I’ve reset them , factory set it 2 times , deleted app and re-installed it , I’ve tried everythi...

Factory Reset problem

So I did factory reset on my oculus 2 and tried pairing it but when I checked the oculus it still said to pair it even told me to go to a website and even when I went to it, it didn’t help me

28drox by Honored Guest
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SOLVED Air Link worked fine but then it died.. REALLY died.

Spent most of the day troubleshooting air link from my Quest 2. Everything worked fine yesterday, no changes to anything today except the connection is now dead and now I need serious help.I removed my device from the Oculus app since the link wasn't...

Ranchion by Honored Guest
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Haven’t logged in from this browser before.

I’m having a problem because I’m trying to connect my meta account which is not this account that I’m on to my oculus with the 8 digit code. Whenever I log in it says that they sent me a code because I haven’t logged in from my browser before. The co...

JToez by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Email support no longer responding

Hi, I originally reached out about a defective Quest Pro headset that refused to connect to its controllers and through the Meta Quest app. The next day I received a response from the support case offering to send a replacement.It's been 9 days since...

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