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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Oculus Quest

Every time I on my oculus I can’t see anything but a black screen I tried to factory reset it reset it permanently and all I see is a black screen I can’t see anything please help

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cast to not working

Hello,I'm trying to use the cast to a computer function on a quest 2. I go through the camera app in the headset and select computer, it pops a message to navigate to I open that URL on my laptop and log into my occulus account. I...

Mre522114 by Honored Guest
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No Bluetooth signal at all

Hello just got my Quest 2 about 7 hours ago. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to make this thing work. The short story is that the Quest 2 does not seem to have a Bluetooth signal coming from it at all. I've tried to "see" the Bluetooth signal with...

Headset is not charging

My vr headset wont charge.. its dead and wont turn back on and I’ve swapped chargers and it wont charge.. it worked perfectly fine til one day my son broke my tv i tooo away from him put in my closet.. now months later i give back to him and it wont ...

my quest 2 is randomly disconnecting off my wifi

so im just playing a multiplayer game, and after a few minutes it my quest informs me that it disconnected off my wifi. this keeps happening when im playing online vr games does anyone know how to fix this?

Adam11042 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unable to complete initial setup with xbox one controller

I purchased an Oculus Go used witgout a controller. I am tying to complete the inutial setup unfortunately it wont let me pass the controler pairing portion. I have a xbox one gamepad but it will not allow setup to complete. im using a galaxy android...

PimpJuic3 by Honored Guest
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Missing app- GOLF+

I purchased Golf+ a year ago and I played almost everyday and it disappear from my library and when I go to games, is asking to purchase again! Please help!

Granfofo by Honored Guest
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Hand tracking

I’ve tried to enable hand tracking but it wouldn’t work. It would show me the policy to do it, and once I read it it wouldn’t let me turn it on at all please help!

People app not working- Pin required

Right, where to begin. The people app wasn't working on the quest 2, when I'd open it it would force close. After a quick Google search I saw a solution on this forum saying to perform a factory reset. So I did that, went through set up on the app an...


I can’t login because of 2FA

So basically I was messing around with setting on the oculus app and turned on developer mode which needs 2FA to work so I turned that on and it asked me for the code which opened the settings app on my phone and I typed it in witch now basically I h...

Lost account

Hello, this is an alt account and I had an oculus account which had many of my games on it (before oculus deactivation) and when I tried to login into it (After deactivation) i had no luck i had always used the same email for oculus, but since the de...

Headset wont pair to computer

It constantly shows the ability to pair but then when clicked no matter what I'm doing in the oculus app, shows the infamous greyed out launch button. I have tried every possible solution, factory reset, repair, internet restart, uninstall and reinst...

Can’t log in on headset or app

I was trying to play population one and it said I wasn’t signed in. Then I tried to sign in and it said unable to load page even though I had Wi-Fi. I then tried to sign in on the app and it was taking me to a blank screen when I signed into Facebook...

Resolved! Mic Audio Isn't Capturing In Videos

For a while now, at least since November last year, it's been a VERY common issue that in recorded videos, my mic audio isn't capturing. I toggle it on every time before I start recording, but when watching the videos, I can't hear anything I said. J...

Silu.o by Explorer
  • 13 replies
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Resolved! Strap won't reach middle of my head!

The straps can loosen and tighten no problem. The problem is that the back strap does not rest in the middle of my head like I saw in all the videos I watched. When I look down, the unit falls off my head. Any advice on how to get the strap to be in ...

Secondary account not working

We've had our Quest 2 since Christmas. Has been working perfectly with primary and secondary account (mine). App sharing worked.... no problems at all.Yesterday the headset did an automatic update (V30) and now my secondary account library is empty. ...

SandraMo by Explorer
  • 13 replies
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Resolved! Shipping

Hello, i was wondering when purchasing the meta quest 2, if i can set the address to a post office. Thanks for the answers

Resolved! I dont knoooooowwww!!!!

Hi there! So I got my children a quest 2 for Christmas, and it turns out that I like it as much as them! So I added my own account to our one headset back in May. I really thought it was best to let the kids have their personal account in there, and ...

cannot pair left controller

Hi, my left controllers X and Y buttons don't work. I've been playing like this for a while so i’m fine with not being able to use them. But an issue arose recently where i accidentally unpaired the left controller from my headset, and to re-pair it ...

Resolved! How to Complain about a Game on Oculus ?

A bunch of us are having support issues with a certain golf game based on Oculus . There are many problems with the game that are not being fixed by the developers. The dev's just ignore these issues and the game is near unplayable at this point. We ...

Mr427 by Honored Guest
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Trigger needs calibration?

I've had a Quest 2 and the right trigger always felt off, and I finally was able to confirm that the trigger doesn't fully register a 100% press when pressed fully, despite physically pressing down just fine. So far I've unpaired and paired it again,...

Resolved! Camera app not responding

Whenever I try opening the camera app on my oculus quest 2, it buffers and then closes the oculus menu and doesn't let me open it for a few minutes. I updated my headset and it didnt work, I did a factory reset and that didnt work either. I want to r...

Help a mum out!!

Hi everyone, can someone tell me if it's possible to set the online gaming settings to UK only on metaquest2? I mean games like Gorilla tag, Gun Raiders, Pavlov shack where anyone plays. My son is getting so much hatred from American players when the...

Max3102 by Honored Guest
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Yet another pairing problem with the mobile app

Just bought a Quest Pro and started setting up the device with the Windows Oculus application as I didn't want to use the phone app. But after completing the setup there I'm asked to pair the headset with the mobile app on a phone. First, why is that...

Fahruz by Expert Protege
  • 6 replies
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Quest 2 stuck boot loop

Quest 2 is stuck in a boot loop. I'm currently waiting on Meta support team to reply back with a fix. Service ticket# 7701530 has been entered. Has anyone had any luck with the support team to date on fixing boot loop?

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