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Resolved! (Not Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course the...

New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Headset charging

I got my kids the Meta Quest 2 for Christmas. They opened it 12/25 and the headset won’t charge now on 12/27. All cords are securely plugged in in working outlets. Please help

Someone help me

I record a video to my yt channel but when i watch the video in quest 2 the audio is delayed. Please help, i recorded 18 minutes of a video

Jumping, glitching and drifting remote

Hello, I am having issues with my left oculus controller. It's jumping and dirfting when the controller is not moving. I changed the batteries, unpaired and paired again the controllers, I did a shut down. Nothing is working. I had my oculus meta que...

Drift815 by Honored Guest
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Meta Account Setup

Hi Just switched on my Oculus for the first time (original version) and I seem to be having issues when I use the meta app on my phone for purchases and downloads. It tells me my I have not set up Meta Quest yet but as far as I am aware I have. Any t...

Feugh by Explorer
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Multiple devices cannot run the same program

I have a VR lab at my University Library, and we have 20 Quest 2. All devices are set up with the same Facebook account.I am unable to run the same free app\experience on multiple devices and getting an error message that "multiple devices cannot run...

tauxr by Honored Guest
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Games not working??

I recently got my Meta Quest 2 two days ago, I followed all of the instructions on the screen but as soon as I downloaded the app and got some games and tried to play them the screen went black and only showed my hands, I looked it up online and noth...

Upgrading Experience Completely Not Functional

After getting a Quest 2, absolutely none of my data has been able to carry over and I have been locked out of accessing the Oculus appilcation. It has been infuriating navigating the account matrix that Meta and Oculus combined have casued. It has be...

Second account issue

My house burned down on October 1st and we had a oculus. We got 2 oculus’s for Christmas this year and I made a account for my older brother and I added my account that I had and didn’t know that it wouldn’t already share the games we had so I tried ...

Need to correct Age please Help

Can you please assist I put my daughters age into the account instead of my sons so need to correct the age but it won’t let me and says I need to contact customer services but struggling to do this please help as it was my sons Xmas present and stru...

Resolved: Can't Download Horizon Worlds ?

Idk why Meta couldn't figure this out but... RESOLVED:I figured it out. I had the same issue and just fixed itMy device had my meta account on it. I added my FB account too and my insta I believe. All of a sudden.. horizons was gone. The meta store s...

Where are games???

Just received new Quest 2 and pre-purchased games are not on headset. How do I play the games I have already paid for???

Maddg225 by Honored Guest
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My Facebook account is disabled

Hello there, My Facebook account is disabled and I can't login again..I'm the real user and there's someone trying to access my account that's because it's locked.I'm ready to confirm my identity with in way you want, Please help me to recover my acc...


chat support

I really need to talk to an agent. There shouldn't be this many difficult steps to getting to one. Which I cannot even figure out how to get to one. My issue is I have another Facebook I have purchased games on for the rift s. I had to re install the...

Can’t redeem Resident Evil 4 code

The code that came with my Quest 2 bundle is not working, and the redeem-code page shows me logged in, but when I click the arrow to redeem it just turns black and does nothing. I’ve tried this in multiple browsers.

Payment method

Hi, I can’t add a payment method using different devices and cards. It’s driving me nuts. Please can you help ASAP?

Referral credit not received

I haven’t received my referral credit. I tried following instructions on other posts (by clicking profile) but I don’t have a “send message” option. I only have “messages” but that’s to message friends. I want to buy an app but want to get the credit...

Resolved! Error on app: wrong email address

When attempting to log into the app on another device it gives me an error that it is the wrong or incorrect email. It is not. It is the correct email and I’ve double and tripled checked this. Please advice.

Cooking Fan

So I’ve noticed the same issue that others have posted on. Just received for this Christmas for my boys and they say that the error message indicating that the coming fan is not functioning properly and could cause it permanent damage. They don’t pla...

Cant log in to meta account

 As you can see i cant log in. It always write me i have no internet connection but im connected to wifi without any problems. I tried it allso with mobile connection with same results. Im really confused. I cant use GearVr. Anyone who can help? I ha...


Headset disappearing after connecting it to PC

Whenever I connect my Quest 2 to PC, it disappears from the mobile app, and telling me to pair a new headset, and I can't do that since I've already paired it. It has happend once before and I also connected it to a PC then, to download sidequest, so...

Catrot by Honored Guest
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Used Quest 2

I have been offered a quest 2 previously bought for an autistic child (unknown age) who couldn’t get on with it. Can you advise what is needed to setup for myself and anything I should be aware of in this situation? TIA Dave Bezer

Oculus Link Freezing Quest

So yesterday (11/22) I was using the Link for ours and I had no issues, but today any oculus link games are freezing inside the headset. The games are perfectly fine on my PC, but the headset will freeze and I'll need to power off/restart the headset...

Oculus go

Hello I bought an oculus go and the person said he disconnected from it so I can connect to it and he said that it was ready for me to connect but it says the device is connected somewhere else

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