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Resolved! (Not Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

v62 has a big problem with USB port sensor (found the very same issue on my Q3 and the one of my wife)... when used with an extension cable (even if it is a quality cable) from time to time star showing the debris-water warning message. Of course the...

New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Cannot purchase apps, tried multiple credit cards.

This is the error message w/ no error code: We noticed something unusual and, for your security, this request couldn't be completed. Please try again later, or visit our Help Center.What do i do? I've had this issue for 3 weeks now.


Im having 2 issues. The sofware update error, and my second error is i an oculus controller and a meta controller the meta controller wont pair to the oculus. Any solutions?!! Cheers, aimbotter

Oculus pattern trouble

I went on my oculus to play and it said I needed a pattern when I never created one. It said to go to devices on the app to take it off so I went on the app and devices and I needed a pattern to connect to my device. How am I supposed to do that when...

aidan_23 by Honored Guest
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"Invalid date of birth"

I'm making this post again because I can't seem to get oculus support to help me. I made a new account just to speak about this issue. I recently just lost access due to this issue and I can't log in because now it is fully required to make a meta ac...

oculus rift cant finish set up

The software detects all three USB's but it just says hardware error this is the diagnistics: ============= LOG ANALYSIS ============= ============ 2. OAFError ============ [Service_2022-10-09_12.10.23.txt] 09/10 12:10:54.267 {!ERROR!} [OAF ERROR] ar...

3090 ti - Oculus Rift S Display Port Issue

Hello,I recently upgraded my 2080ti SLI to a 3090 ti. Everything has been great, most of all was just happy to no longer have to tinker with profile settings to get the SLI to work for some games.Then I went and opened up the Oculus software to try o...

I have a problem with my one quest 2 controller.

Hi all. My problem with my controller is that the control stick i think it is called, on the controller is often when i touch it, stuck. Not that i can't move it but, if i need to move it to look in a other direction and then let go of it then its st...


Hi. Like many others my Elite Strap developed a crack. I managed to glue it and carry on. However, sometime later another one appeared.I reached out to Support and they asked me to photograph it. Which I did.Support asked me to return it to their UK ...

Apps wont load

I hadn't been online for a while and when I tried to log in I noticed it had changed to meta quest it asked me to log in and I couldnt remember my password for facebook and I ended up for hours going round in circles putting in new codes and being di...

Buying Quest 2 from the Facebook store

Hi all, Let me start by pointing out that I used the search option, but did not find any information for my problem.I also wrote an email to support and I am waiting for a reply, but maybe someone had a similar situation. The problem is that I cannot...

LajtS by Honored Guest
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Warranty is a joke avoid this product like the plague!

Don't buy!! My Meta Quest 2 had a fault after 2 months, sent back for replacement and still waiting one month on... "search meta quest 2 warranty issues on Google to realise how many people are having the same issues!.. All I'm being told is that the...

can't get back on headset

Hi there,I missed an update or three on the headset. Also moved so have a new wifi. The app will not recognize the headset since I have no way to reset the wifi address on it. I see a new pattern now to unlock the headset, which I never set up but it...

Etlebrook by Honored Guest
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Oculus refund replacement controller

Hi do I recently sent my left controller to the Texas place that y’all told me to send it to to get a replacement the message said when it’s delivered I would get a email about it and how long I would have to wait to get my replacement controller it’... by Honored Guest
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All my purchases and old account gone.

After the Horizon merge my account got weird. My email was no longer linked to the account. It changed to @RaidenTheRipper (my username) and I can't find any way to log back into that account. When I choose log in with Facebook? Gone. Logs me into my...

Not able to install updates

Anybody else having troubles installing the updates for , Echo VR, Endless riff, Oculus medium, and Skybox video player? It tries to install and fails every time. I have had 2 updates to the rift and another program successfully. Access isn't a probl...

Can't login via Facebook on Oculus/Meta PC App

After hours I can't figure out why it won't log me in on the PC Oculus/Meta app. It's the latest version and gives me the 4 options of "login with facebook" "login with Instagram" "login with E-mail" and "login with Oculus". I'm wanting to do it via ...

TmanMiku by Honored Guest
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unable to get order id

Hello All, I bought an app recently, I am planning to return it. I have used it for less than 2 hours. when I return oculus is asking for the order id. neither am I able to find the order id in the email nor am I able to fund my purchase history? how...

Karges by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest Store error / FitXR

Hello, I have a strange issue. I can't access the FitXR item in the Oculus Quest Store, I get this error when trying to access, something went wrong.We're working on getting this fixed as...

owarida79 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Rift S controllers

are the inboard side buttons suppose to function? the ones that would be used by the thumb action. mine seem to do nothing

rhrichts by Honored Guest
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Install game on oculus device not on pc

HiiI bought boneworks game through my pc oculus app store, and I have problems playing it on my oculus can I install the game only on the quest device without connecting it to PC?Is the PC required to run the game?

Oculus software setup without headset?

I no longer have my Oculus headset, but I still have two working controllers and sensors. I was hoping to be able to still use them in some way while playing games and such in 'desktop mode', but i'm not sure if thats possible. The software setup req...

razrien by Honored Guest
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Air link

So my air link used to work just fine up until Thursday Oct 6 when I tried to boot it up and I couldn't launch it. So I tried removing the device from my oculus PC app and repairing it. Now anytime I try and pair the headset to the oculus app the app...

E779li by Honored Guest
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Oculus Controller Replacement No Updates

I've sent off my controller for a warranty replacement with only a damaged thumbstick to meta in September, it arrived September 22. I contacted support later on September 24 and they said they should send out my controller the following Monday. it i...

CastroMS by Honored Guest
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