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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Brand new Meta3. Mic is faulty. Fault headset?

Hey, I bought my meta quest 3 a few days ago via O2 and now it’s all updated ect. I can’t help but notice that the mic doesn’t work. Even when doing mic checks. Everything is enabled. I think it must be a dud/faulty. What should I do please help I bo...

WOOFY by Honored Guest
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quest 3 controller update failed at 33%

my right controller is failed to update and now blink SOSi try EVERY solution on this forum for a week now and NOTHING is worki try to ask support and they ask me to return to the controller and find address in japansince my quest 3 is bought from ja...

gt.cell by Honored Guest
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Quest + Games Deleted

Hi,I got a 6 month sub for Quest + when I bought a Quest 3 back in October last year. I chose not to renew the sub and now the games I redeemed with my sub have been removed. I don't think that was made clear at the time I signed up for Quest + and i...

Oculus Quest 2 blur

Hi, I have a problem with Oculus Quest 2, I use it for PCVR (link with cable), i play Assetto corsa competizione and F1 23. My problem is that nearby objects are clear while the distant ones are very blurry. any solution?

Oculus on PC Bugging out

So My Oculus quest 2 have been all around having problems sense like maybe a year or two after we bought it like controllers being weird and stuff not working right like boundary problems not picking up were i am until a good 10 seconds and the main ...

TippyMan8 by Honored Guest
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Pcvr unplayable after update

My quest 3 just updated to 49919070062000510. Prior to this upgrade (same day and every instance before) my pcvr games ran fine. Now each game is unplayable (arazona sunshine for example will have everything invisible except a hord of zombies off map...

Oculus pairing trouble after factory reset

I forgot the pattern to log into my oculus so after many attempts I grudgingly followed the steps and factory reset my oculus. As I was trying to log back in I got to the pairing part, and when I got to the app it said it was already connected with t...

Quest 2 not recognizing controllers or hand tracking

Last night I turned on my Q2. It took a very long time to load the main screen. Once it did, the only way I had to interact was with the Volume up button. It would not recognize the controllers except for the Oculus button for calling menu and re-cen...

Passthrough view misaligned with real world

I'm developing an application in Unity that uses passthrough (on a Quest Pro) and when I run my application via Quest Link I sometimes get a completely misaligned passthrough view. I have to restart the app, sometimes even reboot the headset to hope ...

Fahruz by Expert Protege
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Help with purchasing

Hi there you all seem like smart people i have an issue with meta mabye you could help with .2 weeks ago I bought a quest 3 vr headset . I downloaded a game and and several expansion maps and then it **bleep** me down won’t let me purchase anything i...

Resolved! Quest 2 charging

What is the max. power for the Quest 2?The original meta charger has 10 W.Can i use a higher power for faster charging, and how much?,following this link i can have a 18w power adapter for quest 2:

DeTToX by Explorer
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Resolved! Anyone else notice white balance changes to Quest 3 passthrough?

My room in passthrough mode is distinctly more amber now. White colors in menus are still white and games don't look any different, but my room has a distinct amber cast. Did something change in the software or maybe something is going wrong in the h...

Occupunk by Heroic Explorer
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Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery issues

I would like to buy the Q3 Elite strap with battery however I red its having a lot of issues. Meta retired the strap from the market until dec 2023 and now it is back on sales on Meta store only. Not Amazon, or other stores... (why ? it is a sign of ...

passthrough focus not working properly?

Hi, new to this so i'm not sure what to exspect. However i wanted to see if there is a way to make the passthrough better, or if i have a bad headset? First off, yes i have read about having proper lighting. I have done is what i notice. wi...

Not seeing redeem 30$

Hi, I accepted my friend invitation and activated meta quest for the first time, I can’t see my credit, it displays 0.00$ I followed all instructions linked from support on other threadswhat can I do? Thanks

Guerra_S by Honored Guest
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2fa sms code not sending

조직을 시작하기 위해 인증 코드를 요청하고 있는데 전화번호를 올바르게 입력했는데도 전송되지 않습니다. 누군가 나를 최대한 빨리 도와줄 수 있나요? 감사합니다

ginger1 by Honored Guest
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Headset display is stuck on logo screen.

Hey if anyone at meta sees this please help! My vr is stuck on the meta logo spinning and fading if I could add someone on discord and send a vid of what it is doing please except I can’t get it to stop and I can’t get in the actual headset to see if...

Factory Reset - Can't Pair with Controllers

Hey Guys,I had to do a Factory reset on my Oculus Quest 2 and now it asking me again to pull the plastic off the controllers. These were pulled out already and I cannot connect my controllers to my headset. The Headset is paired to my phone but the c...

Re: Factory Reset - Can't Pair with Controllers

I'm having an issue where my controllers just WONT pair to my headset, I bought the Pculus Quest 3 about 3-4 days ago, During those day everything was going well!- until yesterday night when I tried getting on VRchat with some friends and my controll...

Resolved! Right controller starts to go crazy

My quest 2 is around 2 months old and ever since the day that im sending this, it’s loosing tracking and keeps on vibrating, which also means that the controller is connecting and disconnecting back and forth, (this is on my right controller by the w...

V65 "Continue/Change Profile" Menu Box Invisible

When system is resumed from sleep or screen-off, the menu box that normally displays continue and change profile is missing and/or invisible. After short-pressing the power button and bringing up the power menu, then canceling the power menu, I can t...

If your iPhone spatial videos look weird, do this

Hey all, I responded to a question recently about spatial videos recorded from a iPhone 15 Pro looking inverted, but not sure if the OP ever came back and saw it. Link is below.If you try to view one of these videos yourself and it looks confusing, w...

Resolved! Sharing apps between two quest 3 headsets

So I purchased my first quest 3 headset 512GB, and absolutely love it. I have also purchased several apps from the meta store and they reside on my headset. I just recently purchased another headset for my wife so that we can play the games that I pu...

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