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Known Issue - V65 - V67 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Unable to pair with Pc using Airlink on Meta Quest 2

I have a problem with my airlink pairing to my computer. My computer shows up but is unable to pair, this has never happened before and there is an unusual symbol beside my computers name that I will share here. Here’s a list of things I have tried, ...


Unable to pair Meta Quest 3 with mobile app

I can see the page in Meta Quest 3 screen that it is asking to continue the setup in Meta quest app in mobile.When I open app in mobile, it is asking me to enter code to pair, But the code is not displayed in headset. HOW CAN I GET THE CODE IN HEADSE...

No Sound in HomeScreens

Hey Meta Community,My baby bro and I share the family oculus, apparently there was an update or something because when I used it more often a year ago there was sound in the home screen. Specifically the Desert and Spaceship ones were my face and I w...

katiesu7 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link/ Air Link working horribly after pc rebuild

Rebuilt my PC a week or so ago and now Oculus Link/Air Link dont work at all, the performance is so bad I cant even click on anything. The cable works fine (2.6bg/s connection), the pc works fine too and there shouldnt be a bottleneck or anything, al...

Resolved! Meta quest 3 not picking up USB 3.0

As the title suggests, when I plug in my quest 3 it always chooses a 2.0 port instead of a 3.0 port. I have confirmed that the USB port I am putting the cable into supports 3.0 and confirmed that when a USB 3.0 device is plugged in it works as a 3.0....

Quest 2 controller thumbstick broken

The thumbstick on my left controller has been drifting and has also been unresponsive when I press it down, which means I am unable to sprint, has anyone else had this problem? Is there a viable solution?

Oculus quest 2 Weird casting situation

So I have an older Quest 2 I bought it after it's initial release (Facebook era device). So my issue might be unique as I have looked everywhere on Google and YouTube and haven't seen anyone with the issue I'm having. After multiple factory resets my...

IP Configuration Error

I've had my headset for over 2 years and suddenly my headset cannot connect to my home wifi. It says it failed to obtain the IP address and sometimes IP Configuration Error. I've reset my router, rebooted my headset, and I've done a complete factory ...

BattleNix by Honored Guest
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Annoying curved Black borders when recording on Quest3

During recording with Quest3, a colored curved border is observable in the top right when recording with the left eye, and in the top left when recording with the right eye. It's very frustrating. Please guide on how to fix this. Images for reference...

Screenshot_127.png Screenshot_124.png
HazzyJ by Honored Guest
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Meta quest is not working corretly*

when i try to go on oculus link i have a black screen and 3 dots and on my computer it says meta quest doesn't work correctly im really sad i also tried to reinstall the map but i tried and it didn't work i also did a factory reset on my oculus but s...

Zrzut ekranu (1).png
Hbxgt by Explorer
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I HAVE A META QUEST 3 that I purchased in Feb 2024, two weeks after using I received a “tracking lost” message & the device became completely unresponsive/inoperable! I was still within 30 days of purchase & I really had enjoyed the virtual experienc...

SOOPAFLHI by Honored Guest
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Can't see friend online

I have a quest 2 and after the recent update i can't see him online if i go to his profile it always stands as offline although i know he is online. He can also not see me online

Ojan007 by Honored Guest
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WIFI - won't automatically connect – Why?

After sleep my quest 2, won’t connect automatically to its 2.4ghz Wi-Fi anymore. On the settings it says next to the SSID: “won’t automatically connect” .What decides this? Factory and Wi-Fi resets make no difference. Can I please force it to connect...

F.Wiesel by Explorer
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problem with quest 3 and mirroring on iphone 14 pro

hi guystoday i have try to mirroring my quest 3 on iphone 14 pro, but don't and iphone are in the same 5ghz wifi line, but i listen a good audio ad i see only photogram images every 3-5 seconds.... i haven't fluid video streaming... how...

Lost all games after a factory reset

So this happened a while back, but my oculus quest 2 was being really slow and buggy and a normal reset wasn't working to fix the issue. I decided to factory reset the headset and the headset worked perfectly after. However, all my games were gone, w...


You can add an app as a "Favorite", but I don't see a way to bring up your list of "Favorites". I was expecting a "Favorites" list to be available from the Home page or Apps page, in the same way as you can add an app from the store to your "Wishlist...

Not being able to log into account

Hi I am having a huge issue with my account I am not able to login to my account cause my phone is not paid off and cannot receive sms codes and stuff so I am locked out completely from my account . It keep directing me to use my number and it will s...

MelSour by Honored Guest
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Mistaken app purchase issue still not addressed

Hello,I purchased MLB Home Run Derby in my phone using my cc on file and I had a $5 credit in the shop. I have no idea why, but my Store in the App was the Rift store so that is what was purchased, which I cannot use. I did not even install that prog...

cvan65 by Protege
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Resolved! walkabout mini golf putter

the end of the putter is invisible- what should be solid black is a transparent pale blue, not allowing me to strike ball

WiFi 6E not working on Quest Pro, even after RMA

Hello guys, I've talked with this topic last month on Reddit with this exact problem to hopefully get some answers, but to no luck. So I turn to the Meta forums.It all started when I first upgraded my old family router to a 6E mesh system, and althou...

Resolved! Boundary Setup Won't Load - Quest 2

Whenever I power on my Oculus Quest 2, it is able to turn on and load passthrough but it will not load the confirm boundary screen or anything other than a loading icon that disappears and appears every 3 seconds. Leaving the boundary or restarting i...

Quest 2 - Connected to wifi but suddenly "No Internet"

This issue just popped up on my new Quest 2. Was working for since launch no problem. Suddenly tonight no matter which network I join I get the "no internet" message. Internet is working fine on my router as I'm typing this on a computer connected to...

SolidRye by Honored Guest
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