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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Videos uploaded to Oculus are not deleted from the cloud.

When sending a video file to the Oculus and then deleting it, the video comes out of the headset, but does not delete from the Cloud.When opening the application on the cell phone, the file is listed, but we cannot delete it, we can only edit it.I al...

Oculus Link not working with SteamVR (Quest 2)

As the subject states, I cannot get SteamVR to load on my Quest 2. I have tried both the official cable and third party cables. It shows up in SteamVR just fine, and even loads SteamVR Home. I tell it to show what's on the VR display and it can track...

Oculus Debug Tool doesn't work

When I try to open the Oculus Debug Tool I get an error saying Unable to connect to service: Not found: Server endpoint not foundError code: -3003 Version: The "Oculus VR Runtime Service" in the "Services" tab in the Task Manager is run...

Oculus NOT FOUND in iPhone app

My Oculus is locked allof a sudden by the pattern which I never even set up! Now, it says not found in the app under devices so I cannot disable the pattern. I’ve tried the following: -restarting both iphone and app MANY times (app is up todate)-Unis...

ejliz40 by Honored Guest
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Account problems

Hello I was wanting to change the accounts email to a different one due to the fact I put it on the wrong one and I realize that just now because it was supposed to be on another one that it’s so I’m came here to ask if you can guide me step by step ...

SGT_DAU by Honored Guest
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Storage/data connection allow reset

When connecting my quest 2 to my phone I accidentally hit don't show again and I suspect this messed up my ability to put apps and such on to the device. Is there a way to "reset" this action?

Support is useless

So here it goes...I do not use the quest2 much at all, I tried to fire it up a few months ago to find my facebook account was locked.I went through all the steps to unlock it and it is a viscous circle of uselessness. The number on the account I do n...

Screenshot 2022-05-01 164355.jpg

ORDER DELAYED- Netherlands

HI, I ordered Quest 2 for my husband and I was expecting it to be delivered yesterday that is 2nd of May but I do not see any chances on my order. Now I just received an email that it will delayed by 3 days. The order is for the Netherlands delivery....

How to enter payment method

I When trying to buy twd enterd the wrong pin i think 5 or 6 times, i reset it but now it says i cant add payment method when trying to add my card, help

HELP! My FB account becoming obsolete.

I will try and keep this simple. The FB account my Oculus is linked to is being “grayed” by FB - it’s and old Business Page account which I guess they are doing away with. So I’ve now created a new ‘normal’ FB account, but I’ve no idea how I’m suppos...

Lake_7 by Honored Guest
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Give me back my left controller!!!!

It's been a month. Oculus REFUSES to send me back my left controller at all. Allot of excuses from their reps. They all should be FIRED and get new reps. We really need to do something about this. This is ridiculous. I've waited too long I'm about to...

SsjSora by Adventurer
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The Climb 2 Menu Spinning Quest

Hi there. I purchased the game “The Climb 2” and while once in the game, the gameplay is fine, the menu where you choose what climb you want to do constantly cycles through despite no buttons being pressed. This obviously makes it hard to choose a cl...

fojoart by Honored Guest
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pattern lockout

my son got a quest 2 for his birthday on april 26.. today is the 29th... while he was at school I (dad) was going to set up my own account so I didnt mess with his stats on signing into FB I needed my password, so I set the headset down to l...

Coefu by Honored Guest
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It won’t work

When I turn on my headset and do the guardian. It has the default picture for my profile and when I go to my profile it says unable to load. And if I go to my games it says I have none and I’ve even logged onto a different account on the same headset...

aydenjedi by Honored Guest
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Area reset

I am using Rift S and it keeps on asking me to setup the area . This happens very frequent. Almost every 2-3 games. Why is this happening?

device hardware issue

hi ,ive recently purchased quest 2 and it keeps saying you have a hardware issue and cant use vr.i have the anker cable but also the original oculus cable with attachment from usb c to usb3 as i dont haveusb c on my pc. ive a ryzen 7 with 2060 super ...

Unlinking oculus

How do I unlink my oculus from Facebook? I've seen a few other people say that this was accomplished somehow through oculus/meta support? I really would like to ditch my Facebook. Kinda bs that they made you link the two in the first place.

Appearing online

I have tried to adjust every privacy setting and all are turned on, but I am still not appearing online. I e tried everything. Any advice??

USMC1990 by Honored Guest
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PCVR Noob Question

My PC is a potato. Like really slow and bad. Is there anyway to use it only to multitask 1 thing while I have a game suspended? I would want the game to still be running off the quest 2, but still be able to use a web browser or discord without closi...

Paying Twice For Something You Already Have

So this is a question that's been on my mind because I have a PCVR ready computer and I want to mod beat saber for cool songs and stuff you know as you do, however I have already purchased beat saber for quest and I was wondering am i going to need t...

Oculus app says password incorrect however it is

I’m trying to use my Samsung vr with my Samsung s7 edge, using my Facebook account however, the oculus gear vr app says my password is incorrect. My password is correct. These are also the same details I use to log in here. It was working when I last...

Received Quest. But no controllers. Wtf?

So I was told to send both my quest controllers and headset in. Got order number for headset but never got order numbers for the right and left controllers. I was having tracking and drifting issues. Here is my Request number. 4739575 I sent in my co...

SsjSora by Adventurer
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