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Known Issue - V65 USB-C Debris/Water Warning

Not a solution - Marking for visibility Known Issue Hello everyone! I have observed that a significant number of users are still encountering the USB-Debris error even after the V64 fix was distributed to everyone. Consequently, I have taken the init...

LaserDisk by Meta Quest Support
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New User Posting Info

Being a newb in-game and in anything can be tough. Here is a run down of how our tiny forum elves (and moderators) can help get you from an unknown newb to forum all-star. Posting links to external sites, certain keywords, or posting logs outside of ...

Quest 3 not charging when using wired Link

I'm trying to use my quest 3 pcvr. I don't expect my q3 to charge when using pcvr but it should atleast hold the charge. I don't know if it is my PC's limitations or the cable's limitations. Please help me figure it out.My pc:motherboard: asus prime ...

Resolved! Cannot download XBOX Cloud Gaming (Beta)

Simply, a supervised account cannot download it, it simply shows GET which is not selectable.So via the Meta app I have installed as parent, I selected a supervised account and allowed it on that account.I can see it as allowed and I can block withou...

BrokenIt by Honored Guest
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Broken Wrist Strap

Where do I find a replacement Controller Wrist Strap? My kids have broken one and I need to replace it.

Meta locked me out after i sent my ID

I sent in my ID i got an email back said they accepted the ID and i should be able to log in. Once i try to on the headset it asking for a device code. then when requesting one says "an error has occurred please try again" i contact support they tell...

Help need

I'm trying to get rid of this page on my oculus that says "log back in on another device when I already have 1. An work account 2. The app and 3. One account with my quest 2

PTC v64 Update issues and improvements

I am on PTC update version (see bottom photo) I updated today 4/5/24, Scoped storage still not fixed(see the top photo). It has been weeks even months since I have seen my beloved Android folder, my hope of ever seeing it aga...

com.oculus.vrshell-20240406-172134.jpg com.oculus.vrshell-20240406-171720.jpg
Rew7247 by Explorer
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Parental supervision

Hi. So from what I understand (for some reason) you can't have two parents managing one childs account. Why not?Googles family link does this, and it works brilliant. This however is one of the worst apps I've come across from serious company. Every ...

beovrelid by Honored Guest
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6 Month Game Sub

Hi, so I decided today to sign up for my 6 month Meta+ sub that I got with the Quest 3 512mb model, however when logging into the Oculus app I only get the 1 month free trial option. Tried a search but have not found any solutions as yet or a meta he...

Connecting Oculus Quest 2 to my laptop!!!

Hello there, We are having a problem to connect Oculus Quest 2 to my son's laptop via usb - c cable.His laptop is specifically for gaming yet no luck with connecting an Oculus. Any help would be much appreciated !

franio12 by Honored Guest
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Connecting, tracking and controller

Hello I haven't had my meta Quest 2 for more than 5 days. I came home one day to use it and it told me it was having a tracking issue when I put on the headset. I tried to click okay but I've noticed the controllers weren't connected but they were on...

Miklo1f by Honored Guest
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v1 Oculus rift nvidia gtx 4090 no support?

I decided to plug my old Oculus Rift VR into my new build and it just causes my main display to flash. If I VNC from another computer I can use it. Is there no support for GTX 4090? I have to disconnect and hard reboot to get my displays back.

Resolved! Quest 3 not recognizing .mp3 or .m4a music files

I copied over both types of files into the "Quest 3\Internal Shared Storage\Music" folder and the headset will see the files in the file app but won't play them. Options when clicking on the 3 dots on the file only shows the options "View Info" and "...

HELP! Says my photo id isn’t big enough!!

I have had warnings saying I need to upload id , my mum uploaded her I’d as she oversees my account , it was refused as it’s down as me . Now tried to upload a screenshot of my passport and it won’t load as it says file too small!!!!! I am running ou...

Vper0909 by Honored Guest
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How to disable Bluetooth on Quest 3

I need to disable bluetooth. I don't care if certain features don't work. I need to use the headset for multiple hours of computer work in Horizon Workrooms and want to avoid the radiation emitted by bluetooth and also Wifi (which I can disable).Any ...

norsegaud by Honored Guest
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Pairing problem

Hi I have problem pair oculus with my device. I try my phone and iPad I try factory reset nothing is working any additional optionthanks

Doge158.7 by Honored Guest
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Re: I can’t log into oculus in my pc

I can sign into the app on my computer that runs Windows 10 and also the Meta Quest platforms. However, ANY computer or laptop that runs Windows 11, I cannot sign into. I’ve also had this problem working with colleagues and students. Please advise.

BexiG by Explorer
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Quest 2 keeps losing 5GHz wifi! Keeps disconnecting

After a while of use, my Quest 2 will all of a sudden say it's not connected anymore, and when I go to wifi, all the 5GHz networks are now missing! I then only see the 2.4GHz networks. A reboot fixes this but it's happened over 3 times now. Is this a...

cbcharlee by Honored Guest
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Video microphone

Hey mata would love if you could help me with when I record a video it won't let me use my microphone but I can hear my friends

sjthebest by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to remove a quest from oculus-app??

Since I had a battery related issue with the new quest (didn't charge), I've had to exchange the quest. New one works great. But now I have two quests in the oculus app. The old-broken-one, and the new one. How do I remove the old one from the oculus...

Tummie555 by Expert Protege
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Today I logged in my account on meta quest and found creepy photos that I 100% didn’t take. Can someone help me?    

2a687642ccf14fdbb7fef40c56dbe981.jpeg f6900a0ff5d54829a370df04c2a2f225.jpeg 2aeb46f2ce4546adb76e8867751b6e3f.jpeg 1d899b864f19450c91a6426f40bad9c7.jpeg

I can’t log into oculus in my pc

Hi when I first set up my oculus I had to make a Facebook account and I logged in and used the same email and password for both. So I am pretty confused why in my pc it’s saying it isn’t but then on my phone I can easily log in with my Facebook since...

aegutz by Honored Guest
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Problem with air link and link with cable (meta quest 3)

Okey so first things first is that I want to play steam vr games but I can’t because when I’m trying to link my meta quest 3 to my laptop it won’t show up my pc in Quest Link. That’s why I need your help or meta quests help. Yes I have watched tutori...

Display not working

My oculus was working fine. I was away for week when i cane back and went to use now my display is not working. I made sure my graphics driver is updated. tried uninstalling and reinstalling oculus software. I get random it is connected , but then sa...

Resolved! VR games opening in PC but not VR

one day I wanted to record a video on my favorite VR game (Gorilla Tag) I opened air link and launched the game but it was not opening, all it said was "loading..." so I checked my PC and the game was opened but I could not control or see the game in...

dbzcat by Explorer
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Son's account suspended

I am seeing more and more accounts suspended. My son who is 12 just had his account suspended. I tried to per Meta instructions on their website, to make his current meta account a child's account but that didn't work and nothing we paid for transfer...

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