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button to set headband is not working

Level 2

Hi, does anybody know if this part of the VR occulus is replaceble? I am talking about the button where you can change the size of the headband with. It has broken and falls off the headband all the time. I can not seem to find a page in Meta for these kind of assecoiries or even to ask questions about this. Maybe someone can direct me to someone who can help me. I cannot use the occulus now, even when this is a small insignificant piece.

Thank you very much


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there @fotografie, we see you are having concerns with your VR headset. We understand how important being able to use the device is, and will assist you all that we can on this matter. If you are looking for a replacement for the broken piece of the head strap, please visit us at Meta Store Support so we may aid you further. 


We hope this information was useful and we hope to hear from you soon!

Level 2

Hi community manager,


Thank you for your reply. I get lost on that site. I don't know where to find this assecory. Is it possible to send me a link to the exact site please? Do you know if it is possible to buy this button (maybe you know the name) or do I have to purchase a whole new headband? Thank you very much

No worries @mscheeres, you can find the desired link HERE. For the broken piece, you will have to acquire a new head strap, but we will look into your warranty options and let you know what we can do for you. We can't wait to assist you soon over at Meta Store Support!