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bypass proximity sensor check

Level 4

This setting doesn't seem to work. I connected my headset, set this to 'on' and restarted the headset. After restart I plugged it in and the setting seems saved.


However as soon as I take off the headset, it just immediately goes to sleep instead of staying on.


Oculus Quest 2.


Level 2

I see the same thing.

I have the same issue too. The problem makes developing VR too much of a burden. There is also no response from Meta to support the community. A lack of support from the manufacturer is the wrong way to keep a community of developers. A lack of support from the manufacturer is the right way to waste resources, including investor money. 

Level 2

When the headset is turned off, the proximity sensor setting, and all the other settings you can adjust in Oculus Developer Hub reset (Like wifi ADB, etc). It is pretty annoying. But you should be able to get that working. I remember I had an issue with the proximity sensor toggle not working at first. I can't remember the details. But once you sign up for a developer account and get your headset connected through Oculus App and the Meta Quest Developer Hub, it should work.


But allow me to further complain about the process:

There are a few things working against the developer right now. First, when plugged into a computer to create a link, it can't pull enough energy to maintain the charge level. The computer can't kick out the necessary juice for that. So, eventually the device will die during a day of development.


But that's not the end of it. It would be one thing if yes, it died. "Well, charge it a little while then plug it back in and keep rolling." But no. You have to turn it on, confirm the chaperone again, plug in the link cable, connect to the PC. It should remember its state and set all the back up for you.


What I want is the device alive, on my desk, sitting patiently while I'm programming so I can get in and out of the experience fast. It's already a or pain to put a headset on and off repeatedly (especially with glasses). The standby mode is just not practical for a development situation. It's very common to need to use your editor on your computer and see the headset's view at the same time. So much development happens with the headset in your hands and not on your head.

It occurs to me that the headset needs a development standby mode. Where the headset turns off it' screen if it's not on a head (to save power) but it continues to run the positional updating as if it were active. I can use my game editor to see what the headset is seeing anyway.


Anyway, ultimately, here's my stupid development process:

1. Charge it all the way up before I'm going to need it.

2. Turn it on and configure the chaperone, for the 1000th time.

3. Connect the link cable.

4. Turn on wifi ADB.

5. Disable the proximity sensor.

6. Disconnect the link cable.

7. Connect to the PC again via AirLink.

6. Plug in a 30W+ USB-C power cable into the headset. (I use the charger for my Macbook actually)


That allows it to sit for all day. Even though the AirLink isn't as nice as a direct connection. Sometimes when I'm not going to use it for a while I'll manually turn the proximity sensor back on because I feel bad for it. But not too long! Otherwise it'll go all the way to sleep and forget what it's supposed to be doing.


Anyway, yeah. It's a nightmare.


Thanks for reading.

I figured it out by using the Meta Developer Hub as well. I still gave you Kudos for such an informative reply. I appreciate you. Your complaints are warranted, and we all feel the same. 


It is "funny"; my HMD settings can be toggled in MDH while tethered to the PC but not while using AirLink. It is always something with Meta and VR. My HMD only charges to ~50% now while it is plugged in and sleeping. I have to do a full power off to get it to charge to 100%. I'm using a factory Meta charger and USBC cable that came with the Quest 2. This means whenever I use it wirelessly, I only have 50% battery which is like 45 minutes or less of use at 120hz. Again, it's always something with Meta and VR. 


Your request to get in and out of VR and the device function without unnecessary flaming hoops is also my request. It seems like Meta engineers the software to be difficult to use. It's mind-numbingly frustrating to develop because they are doing so many things to try and protect us from ourselves. Heaven forbid we sign a EULA that releases them of liability and allow them to write software that is "free" and "open." Meaning free of handicaps and open to developing how we see fit.